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Early Alert

The Oglala Lakota College Early Alert program exists to help you succeed. It is designed to identify students in need of support and inform them of resources available to aid their success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did I get identified for Early Alert?

Your instructor has noticed that you may need additional support to be successful in your class. The problem may be attendance, test scores, not turning in homework, English language or writing ability, or any number of possibilities.

Who participates in Early Alert?

Early Alert is a partnership between instructors, Retention Advisor and the student. It is the instructor’s voluntary decision to participate in Early Alert. Many students receive assistance in some form as a result of their instructor’s actions. But it is ultimately up to you to participate in this program.

Will it be on my permanent record?

No. This information is confidential and will not become part of your academic transcript. We maintain internal records to keep track of the services you use so that we can one day analyze what services are most effective for students.

Does getting a letter from Early Alert mean that I am failing?

Receiving an Early Alert letter does not necessarily mean that you are failing. Get clarification from your instructor and find out where you stand. Can you make up assignments? Would it help you to receive tutoring? Are you in a course that is too difficult or easy?

What can I do if I need help in my class?

Speak to your instructor and let him/her know of your concerns. Seek tutoring services as necessary. Make a counseling appointment if you think that you are enrolled in the wrong class. Attend Early Alert workshops designed to help you become successful in college.

How do I make an appointment with a counselor?

Come to the college center office located in your community to contact your counselor or call 455-6044 to make an appointment.

Tips for Success

Go to class

Attending classes regularly is essential. Your attendance shows your commitment to your education and your interest in learning the materials.

Do your homework

Class assignments help you become more knowledgeable about the subject matter. In many cases, class assignments represent a big portion of your grade.

Seek help

We offer many services that can help you become successful in class. Tutoring, counseling, financial aid, and other services are available.

Read the class syllabus

Your syllabus is your class guide. It gives you an outline of what the class is about including: class assignments, deadlines, tests, and attendance policy. It lets you know what your instructor expects of you.

See a counselor regularly

There is nothing worse than signing up for the wrong class! Counselors are available to help you with your educational goals by guiding you through the process of selecting the right classes for you.

Be involved

Studies have shown that students who are more involved in campus life are more likely to succeed.

Have fun!

Nobody said college is easy, but it can definitely be a lot of fun. The Student Government at Oglala Lakota College creates opportunities for students to socialize, host local events, and more.

For More Information on Early Alert, please contact: Lynn Cuny, Retention Advisor 605.455.6044 or email