Bringing quality education to the Lakota People

LaCreek College Center


Keely Clausen Center Director Email
Hope Conquering Bear GED Tutor/Counselor Email
Sarah Clifford Office Assistant
Genia Campbell Maintenance/Janitor

Vision Statement

The LaCreek College Center is committed to assisting the rebuilding of our nation through education so that our students will have the opportunity to find jobs in the work place.

Mission Statement

LaCreek College Center will provide the educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of the community and help students meet their educational challenges, to become active participants in shaping their community, and to bring the Lakota culture and history back to the community.

Local Board Members

  • Tammy Grass - President
  • Desire White Eyes - Vice President
  • Karen Bush - Secretary
  • Newtown Cummings - BOT

Phone: (605)685-6407
Fax: (605)685-6887
P.O. Box 629
Martin, SD 57551


Calendar of Events

January 2018