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[pdf] apa-sample-paper-6th-edition.pdf294246.3 KB2015-Jan-16 
[pdf] APA 6th Edition Quickview Sample Pages.pdf301506.3 KB2015-Jan-16 
[pdf] APA Cheat Sheet from Kent State.pdf2381.2 MB2016-Jan-21 
[pdf] APA Citation Activity from Santa Barbara College.pdf161319.2 KB2016-Feb-03 
[pdf] APA Citation Chart OWL at Purdue.pdf245195.9 KB2015-Jan-16 
[pdf] APA Citation Workshop PPT from Santa Barbara College.pdf1922.1 MB2016-Feb-03 
[pdf] APA Format Handbook from North Hampton College.pdf203209.2 KB2016-Feb-03 
[pdf] APA In Text Citation from Elora Edu.pdf24170.7 KB2016-Jan-21 
[pdf] APA In Text Citations from UVU.pdf222653.7 KB2016-Feb-03 
[pdf] APA Quick Reference Guide from Harrison College.pdf319942.0 KB2016-Jan-21 
[pdf] APA Reference Page from UVU.pdf243131.4 KB2016-Feb-03 
[pdf] APA Sample Paper Liberty University.pdf83100.1 KB2017-Feb-08 
[pdf] APA_6th_Edition_Cheat_Sheet Missouri State.pdf313239.1 KB2015-Jan-16 
[pdf] APA_cheat_sheet from Harrison College.pdf17539.2 KB2016-Jan-21 
[pdf] APA_Sample Wake Tech.pdf160279.8 KB2017-Feb-08 
[pdf] ChabotAPAWorksCited.pdf1676.7 KB2017-Sep-09 
[docx] General APA Research Paper Guidelines for OLC Students.docx1031.6 KB2017-Sep-09 
[docx] Helpful Links for APA Writing Style.docx22217.5 KB2015-Jan-16 
[pdf] IntroAPA_6th Saint Marys Univ Booklet.pdf2945.5 MB2015-Jan-16 
[pdf] OLC Sample Library Database Exercise and APA Formatting from SoSc 103.pdf12722.7 KB2017-Sep-09 
[docx] OLC Sample Library Databases Exercise from Psy 103.docx1118.9 KB2017-Sep-09 
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