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[pdf] Annotated Bib Handout from UVU Writing Center.pdf214504.6 KB2016-Feb-03 
[pdf] Annotated Bibliographies Bethel.pdf277384.5 KB2015-Jan-21 
[pdf] Annotated Bibliographies Capella University.pdf25884.0 KB2015-Jan-21 
[docx] Annotated Bibliography Handout for HSS Dept 2017.docx423.7 KB2017-Nov-06 
[docx] Annotated Bibliography Sample Rubric.docx20012.8 KB2015-Aug-18 
[pdf] Annotated_Bib_Worksheet WS_Good One.pdf146244.0 KB2015-Aug-18 
[docx] APA Annotated Bibliography Assignment.docx27620.0 KB2015-Aug-18 
[docx] APA Annotated Bibliography Worksheet Modified.docx20117.1 KB2015-Aug-18 
[docx] General APA Research Paper Guidelines for OLC Students.docx1031.6 KB2017-Sep-09 
[docx] Helpful Links for Annotated Bibliographies Update.docx36114.7 KB2015-Feb-11 
[pdf] OLC Sample Library Database Exercise and APA Formatting from SoSc 103.pdf14722.7 KB2017-Sep-09 
[docx] OLC Sample Library Databases Exercise from Psy 103.docx1318.9 KB2017-Sep-09 
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