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[ppt] poetry-terms2.ppt466250.5 KB2012-Feb-03 
[docx] persepolis assignment.docx4816.8 KB2011-Oct-31 
[doc] THE RAVEN Assignment.doc10928.5 KB2012-Feb-03 
[ppt] Symbols and Symbolism for Lit 203.ppt322366.5 KB2012-Feb-03 
[doc] Poetry Writing Activity1.doc4026.5 KB2012-Feb-03 
[ppt] Poetry Terms1.ppt100172.5 KB2012-Feb-03 
[ppt] Methods of Characterization.ppt66676.5 KB2012-Feb-03 
[doc] Lit Handout.doc8833.0 KB2011-Oct-31 
[doc] Lit 203 Syllabus Spring 2012.doc4565.5 KB2012-Feb-03 
[doc] Lit 203 Definitions.doc7643.5 KB2011-Oct-31 
[ppt] Figures of Speech.ppt5781.1 MB2012-Feb-03 
[ppt] Elements of a Short Story1.ppt165337.0 KB2012-Feb-03 
[ppt] Elements of Fiction and Types of Conflict ppt.ppt3223.7 MB2012-Feb-03 
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