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C++ Programming -- Spring 2014

Course Description

You will be exposed to the fundamental concepts of problem solving and developing program logic using tools and techniques of programming. Topics include algorithm development, diagramming and program documentation and incorporating a programming language for hands-on application of programming concepts. C++ will be from UNIX.

Course Goal

Students will plan, code, compile, test, debug, explain and execute C++ programming code in a command line environment.

Course Rationale

Don't give me a research paper, just give me code that works. And so runs the "get it done yesterday" logic.

Nevertheless, the pursuit of programming theory does do us some good. If it weren't for all the brainpower that's been applied towards improving the practice of software development, we'd all be punching machine instructions on paper tape or Visual Basic on Windows. Thank goodness someone said, "There has to be a better way!" Thank goodness someone keeps on saying it.