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Meeting Times

Web Design Basics will neet via Google Hangouts each week night during June. Rgistration has been slow and we will formally begin on June 23 and go three weeks with class 6:00pm on Google video Hangout. (Alternative times can be set up if evenings are not workable). We are currently meeting nightly for those what a jump start on the course.

Course Description

This course will explore aspects of the design and creation of web sites including the initial planning, design, implementation and publishing. With an emphasis on design, we will use web design tools such as HTML, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Photoshop Elements for the web will be covered. Copyright issues will also be covered. Students will design and publish a personal web page as part of the course. There will be a course web site with relevant URLs for that day’s topic.

Course Goal

Students will design, code, publish and manage web pages in a LAMP command line environment.

Course Rationale

Web services are a staple of information communication.

Note to students about course prerequisites

For the Summer 2014 class only the prerequisites will be waived. Please contact your instructor at jdudek@olc.edu if you are experiencing problems with enrolling into the course.

How to Access the Course Google Video Hangout Site

Go to Jim Dudek's G+ site at plus.google.com/+JimDudek

Create an account if you do not already have one and add jdudek.nerd to one of your circles

The first time you connect to a Hangout additional software will be downloaded and installed. This is normal

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