(it-323) Command Line Interface

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Command Line Interface - Fall 2014

Meeting Times

Face to face sessions will meet once each week for three hours.
Thursday, 5:00-8:00, Pine Ridge College Center

Course Description

Command line concepts and syntax to perform directory hierarchy maintenance, I/O redirection, pipes, and device and system maintenance using variables and switches are topics of the command line interface course. The Disk Operating System (DOS) and UNIX/Linux dialects will be studied.

Course Goal

Students will manipulate the *nix environment using intermediate to advanced BASH procedures.

Course Rationale

Information technology specialists will encounter a wide variety of operating systems. At Oglala Lakota College we make use of Windows, Linux and Macintosh computers on a user level to the servers that operate our network. Management of servers ad devices are done remotely using a command line interface.


IT 153 Survey of Operating Systems