Technical Writing - Fall 2014

Meeting Times

Face to face sessions will meet once each week for three hours.
HeSapa - Tues - 5:00-8:00 - Christine Zweig
Pejuta Haka - Wed - 1:00-4:00 - Christine Zweig

Course Description (catalog description)

This class will cover the essentials of writing clear, concise proposals, reports, technical manuals, letters, memos, bid specifications, websites and other Information Technology documents. The student will also learn how to conduct a professional presentation. (This course DOES NOT satisfy the Engl 113 requirement for non Science, Math and Technology programs.) 3 Credit Hours

Course Description (working description)

This course will cover the critical components of concise technical writing. These essential writing components become part of the technical writing process and communication. 3 Credit Hours

Course Goal

Students will understand and demonstrate the components of concise technical communication.

Course Rationale

Technical communication is the process of transmitting facts and information to a defined audience for specific purposes. Employees who can produce focused, clear documents often have the competitive edge over others who are less skilled with written communications. (Rutherford, 3)

Sci-113 is the first of several courses where technical writing is critical. The progression of courses is: Sci-113 Technical Writing ---> IT-273 Information Systems Management ---> IT-494 Capstone Project or IT-493a Senior Project I and IT-493b Senior Project II.


Engl 103 Freshman English I