To Foster IT Concepts in the Digital-Soil of Recycleable Electrons

A fertile plot of really cool electrons in which we actively engage ideas in a constructivist sense.

Translated - Get down, get involved, get dirty, debug, try it again, practice new stuff and have fun !

IT Research Assistants (Student Researcher) Opportunities

IT has opportunity for four (4) IT Research Assistants (student researchers) to participate in one of two grant projects. Both of these grants have a strong wireless foundation.

The first grant is in its final year. The research we have been doing is to map the wireless network in the college centers. This project has openings for 2 student researchers.

The second grant will begin in October when we have received official notification. This grant also has a strong wireless emphasis. We will not be able to begin this project until all of the paperwork is completed.

Each of these grant opportunities will require you to be at Piya Wiconi each Friday and will have responsibilities during the week. Working and reliable transportation is a must to fulfill the grant expectation. Your hours will be rewarded with financial benefits.

Please contact Jim Dudek and Jim Sanovia at to let us know of your interest and request an application packet.

Fall 2014 Courses

Course / Cohort Pine Ridge Kyle Rapid City
IT-153 Survey of Operating Systems Mon 5-8 jdudek - canceled Wed 5-8 czweig - canceled Mon 5-8 czweig - canceled
Sci-113 Technical Writing Tue 5-8 jdudek - canceled Wed 1-4 czweig Tue 5-8 czweig
IT-303 UNIX/Linux Thu 1-4 jdudek
IT-323 Command Line Interface Thu 5-8 jdudek

Spring 2015 Courses

Course / Cohort Pine Ridge Kyle Rapid City