(it-153) Survey of OS's

Course Syllabus in pdf

Meeting Times

Face to face sessions will meet once each week for three hours.

Course Description

You will explore the differences between popular operating systems offered in today's marketplace. Operating Systems include, but not limited to Windows and UNI/Linux.

Course Goal

Students will compare and contrast DOS, *nix (UNIX, Linux, MAC) and Windows operating systems.

Course Rationale

Information technology specialists will encounter a wide variety of operating systems. At Oglala Lakota College we make use of Windows, Linux and Macintosh computers on a user level to the servers that operate our network.



Survey of Operating Systems - Spring 2015

Learning Outcomes, Readings, Assignments and Labs

Outcome # Learning Outcome, Reading and Assignment Lab - Evidence Check Off
01 Introduction - Definition of Basic Terms and Concepts PBL-Lab
02 Introduction - Structures or How is it Organized
03 Processes - Managing Programs
04 Processes - Threads
05 Processes - Synchronization
06 Processes - CPU Scheduling
07 Memory - Main Memory
08 Memory - Virtual Memory
09 Storage - Mass-Storage
10 Storage - File-Systems and Interface
11 Storage - File-Systems Implementation
12 Storage - I/O Systems