Information Technology Vision

Our vision is to provide the Pine Ridge and surrounding areas quality Information Technology professionals with a foundation in operating systems and networking.

Information Technology Mission

Information Technology Department graduates will demonstrate a technical networking mind to fulfill the Information Technology needs of the Oglala Lakota People.

Information Technology Program Student Learning Outcomes (P-SLO)

The student learning outcomes describe the knowledge, skills and core competencies of Information Technology graduates of Oglala Lakota College. Our goal in Information Technology is to graduate students who demonstrate a technical networking mind as Network Managers to fulfill the Information Technology needs of the Oglala Lakota People.

At the time of program completion, each student will:

  1. Project Administration: Communicate effectively with network stakeholders through solid project management.
  2. Hardware: Install, maintain and support computer hardware in a networked and stand-alone environment.
  3. Operating Systems: Install, maintain and support network and client operating systems.
  4. Network: Install, maintain and support a network given a hypothetical or real LAN or WAN situation.
  5. Security: Secure devices, networks and data.
  6. National Certifications: Complete selected national certifications in hardware (A+), Network (Network+) and Security Certified Network Professional (SCNP).

Spring and Fall 2015 Course Schedule

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Revised Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology becomes a reality

The revised BS in IT is a reality and will in the Fall Catalog. For a draft of the revised degree, click here. For a draft of the IT courses, click here.