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By James Dudek, Instructor of Information Technology
Webdesigner for , Information Technology
email: James Dudek

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[dir] Classes [3 Files] 291.7 KB2015-Apr-29 
[dir] Distance_Learning [9 Files] 573.7 KB2011-Sep-27 
[dir] LessonAssessmentRubrics [2 Files] 641.1 KB2010-Mar-16Rubric collection cogent to lesson assessment
[dir] MST-Math-Final [8 Files] 934.7 KB2013-Apr-29 
[dir] OnlineCourseTemplates [5 Files] 1,005.4 KB2010-Nov-02Templates to help develop online course content
[dir] PeerReviewPanel [3 Files] 257.3 KB2010-May-18Files specific to the vetting of online courses
[dir] mis113 [62 Files] 18.8 MB2016-Mar-01 
[dir] mst [24 Files] 3.6 MB2013-Sep-26 
[dir] webgallery [8 Files] 2.5 MB2013-Nov-06Image File
[pdf] SP2013Lit423DetFictionCourseSyllabus.pdf460142.8 KB2013-Jan-30 
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