Calculus I       Assignment 1


This assignment is designed to give you practice with the equation editor.

Since all homework is to be turned in electronically, you must learn how

to send me your work via e-mail.  Attaching a Word document is the easiest

way to do this.  However, it is essential that you learn the editor so you can

add “mathematics” to your document.  There is a tutorial associated with this



Here is an example of how to submit a homework problem.  Notice that I add

a narrative within the solution so it is not merely a list of equations.  I want you

to demonstrate that you understand the material:


Section 1.3 #49


Find the limit:




First, evaluate at x = 5, to get:   

This tells me to factor top and bottom.








Here is your assignment


Due Date: Friday, August 29, 2003 at 5 pm.


It must be submitted electronically using the Digital Drop Box  tool within BlackBoard.

You may want to practice using this with a simple Word document.









1) Consider the following graph of the function, g:


a) Explain why the does not exist.

Try to add some colored arrows and such to the graph to aid in your explanation.

I would suggest to cut and paste the graph and try to work with it in Power Point or

MicroSoft Paint.




b)Explain why does the limit as x approaches 2 exits even though a “hole” occurs in the

graph at this point.




2) Use the ε-δ definition to prove that the limit is L for