Equation Editor Primer


When writing your homework assignments, it is often helpful to include equations in the work.  This tutorial will help you use Microsoft’s equation editor.


You can add an equation by clicking on Insert, then Object and selecting:




You will then get the editor:




You build your equation in the little box using the point and click functions found in the editor.  It is easy.  However, it can be a pain to follow the Insert-Object select routine every time you want an equation.  I suggest that you add a button to the toolbar that calls the editor when you click the button.


Here is how you add a button:



On the far right of the toolbar, is Toolbar Options.  Click this, and select Add or Remove Buttons, then select Customize.  You will get the window:



Under Commands, you want:



Once you are here, simply drag and drop the Equation Editor to where you want it on the toolbar.  Now, you will have easier access to the editor.