Physics 214

Review Test 2


Here is a sampling of the type of problems that will appear on the test.  I will

post answers later.  Remember, the test is next Tuesday, the 27th.


1)  A baseball is struck by Sammy Sosa at 140.0 ft/s at 38 degrees above the horizontal

from a point 3 feet above home plate.

Will the ball clear the left field wall that is 8 feet high, and located 395 feet from

home plate?



2) A particle travels in a circular path of circumference .2 m, and makes 100 revolutions

per second.  What is its centripetal acceleration.



3) When you twirl a weight tied to the end of a rope you experience a force pulling

away from you.  What is the name of this force and what creates it?



4) A raft is floating west at 4 km/hour relative to land.  To a person on the raft, a hang

glider appears to move away at 8 km/hour at 40 degrees S of W.  What is the glider’s

velocity relative to land?



5)   A 10 kg picture is suspended with two wires, as shown.  Find the tension in each





                  480             550





6)  A particle of mass .5 kg has an initial velocity of 2ij m/s.  It is acted on by a force

3i + 3j for 4 sec.  What is its final velocity?












7)   Two blocks with masses m1 = 3 kg, and m2 = 1 kg are connected

by a massless rope, and slide on a frictionless surface as in the figure.  Find

the acceleration of the system and the tension in the rope.













8)   A 2 kg hammer is set on a roof for which = .34.  The roof has a pitch of

40 degrees.  Will the hammer stay on the roof or slide off?  What would happen

if a 10 kg tool box was placed on the roof?





9)  A 3 kg block is acted on by a 25 N force that acts 30 degrees below the horizontal

as shown.  Take the coefficient of static friction to be .47, and kinetic friction to be .2.

Does the block move if it is initially at rest?  If it moves to the right, what is its









10)  Describe the concept of apparent weight.