Test 3 Review

Physics I Sp 01


Here is a sampling of problems that I would expect you to be able to solve, or answer.

Most of these you should have done already.


1) Know how to find work from a Force vs. Displacement diagram


2) Understand Example 6.7 page 107, I like this one because it has everything

from chapter 6 in it.


3) Page 141 # 43   Simple power problem


4) Page 140 # 23  Work-energy theorem


5) Prob 5 homework you just turned in.


6) The trolley problem homework.  It tests your understanding of the conservation

of energy.


7) Page 164 #3  Conservation of energy


8) Page 169 # 1 Relation between force and a potential energy function


9) Page 187 #5  Tests on conservation of momentum as well as reviews vector notation.


10) Page 188 # 9  Conservation of momentum



Understanding concepts is just as important as doing problems.  Look for essay

questions on work done by gravity, conservation of energy, non-conservative forces

or conservative forces.  Know all of these.