Physics II        Assignment 1


This assignment is designed to give you practice with the equation editor.

Since all homework is to be turned in electronically, you must learn how

to send me your work via e-mail.  Attaching a Word document is the easiest

way to do this.  However, it is essential that you learn the editor so you can

add “mathematics” to your document.  There is a primer on the editor under

the Content and Links pages in WebCT.


Here is an example of how to submit a homework problem:


Exercise 2a page 452


Using Coulomb’s law,  , and the principle of superposition:

The force acting due to the 2q charge is

This is repulsive and acts in the –j direction.


The force acting due to the -3q charge is


This force is attractive and acts in the +i direction.


Therefore, the total force acting on the charge is: 67.5i – 80j  N



Notice the use of bold (you can use ctrl-b to toggle this) and italics (ctrl-i toggles this)

Since this is saved as a Web page, it does not look as perfect as the Word document.




Here is your assignment


Due Tuesday, Sept. 3:


1) Exercise 2b, page 452


2) Exercise 7, page 452



Complete the problems in Word and attach the document as an e-mail attachment.  Send it to

me at



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