Physics 214 Spring 01

Assignment 4

16 pts/ Due Tuesday, April 24


This homework assignment resembles problem 15 page 165.


A 4 kg trolley initially moving at 6 m/s at a height of 5 m encounters a hill

of height 6.5 m (Same picture as prob. 15 different numbers).  At a later

point there is a horizontal spring (k = 100 N/m) at a height of 2 m.


a)  Does the trolley reach the spring?


b)  If so, what is the maximum compression of the spring?


c)  Show the compression is the same for two different reference points

for the potential energy.  First let the 2 m height be U = 0, then do

the problem with the ground being the zero mark, ie, U = 0 for h = 0.


d)  What is the speed of the trolley at the top of the hill?


e) What is the maximum height of a hill for which the trolley can reach the summit?