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In 1994, the Model Institutions for Excellence (MIE) program began as part of a comprehensive, nationwide effort to upgrade the quality of science, engineering and mathematics (SEM) education. The National Science Foundation (NSF) in partnership with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), granted major awards to six higher education institutions with track records of providing successful programs to educate students who are currently underrepresented in SEM fields. MIE emphasizes long-term institutional support to empower the six institutions to strengthen their infrastructures and encourage and support students from high school through graduate school. NSF hopes these institutions will become successful models of high-quality SEM education that can be replicated at other colleges and universities nationwide.

The chosen MIE schools have a history of awarding SEM degrees, or the potential to do so, as well as a strong commitment to SEM education and undergraduate research. From the plains of South Dakota to the inner city of Atlantic to the island of Puerto Rico, the MIE institutions reflect the unique cultural composition of our society that enriches and invigorates us.The MIE schools concentrate on the recruitment and retention of SEM students, counseling, academic enrichment, encouraging students to attend graduate school, and enhancing the education of their students.

Through this program, institutions will be awarded grants of up to $2.5 million a year for a maximum of 11 years. These institutions have a track record of awarding SEM degrees, a strong commitment to SEM education and undergraduate research, a dedication to serving populations that historically have been under represented in SEM, and potential for launching a major enhancement of current efforts. MIE provides resource support for programs that serve as models for:

  • successful recruitment
  • early research experience
  • counseling
  • undergraduate retention
  • academic enrichment
  • mentoring

orientation to graduate school and production of quality SEM graduates.

Program Director/Co- Principal Investigator
Stacy Phelps

/Co- Principal Investigator
Mike Fredenberg

Administrative Assistant
Faith Richards

IMED/HCOP Coordinator
Misty Brave

K-12 Outreach Coordinator
Sue Conrad

Business & Techology Development
Jay Roman

Audio Visual Specialist
Tony Brave

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