InfoTrac contains over 10 million articles and 5000 journals on a wide variety of topics.

Look for the InfoTrac symbol. Click on it. To enter this database you will need to have a library card. Fill in the barcode space with the number on the back of your library card. The password will be your last name. Click on Proceed.

Once you enter the site:
1. You will see a list of available databases. Click on the one you think might contain the information you are seeking.
2. Each database has different search options. Most ask for you to enter a keyword into a Search
box. Click on Search.
3. A list of possible articles will be shown. If you click on the article, the information will appear. A menu bar on the left will allow you to print the article. Sometimes only an abstract is available. You may order the article by filling out the form listed in the Resource Tools table. At the bottom of the page, there is a listing of other articles that might contain the information you are seeking. Click on any that might have your information.

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