February 10, 2004




In June of 2004 Oglala Lakota College developed a 7-12 grade focused physical science education degree with endorsements in other sciences and mathematics. We have established a program with a partner organization, the Oceti Sakowin Education Consortium, to develop for our K-12 partner schools 20 teachers in math and science. As a part of our effort to improve math and science on our reservations we need quality math and science instructors. At times many students have expressed an interest that they have wanted to move into an education field and here is an opportunity. Through your involvement in the MIE degree programs many of you have completed the OLC general education and Lakota Studies core curriculum and have made significant progress in the math and science course work that is required in this degree program. We have resources that will pay for your tuition, books, and fees over the next two years to complete a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education targeted at grades 7-12. Many of the schools on reservations have dire needs for math and science teachers and a student that completes this degree program will be able to meet some immediate and long term needs on the reservation and gain meaningful and long term employment while having a positive impact on our youth here on the reservation.


Selection of the applicants for this program will be based upon the following:


  • Completion of OLC general education and Lakota Studies Core course requirements.
  • Grade Point Average
  • Amount and level of Math and Science Courses completed
  • Any education department core courses completed
  • A completed program application (included in this email).


The degree program is challenging and your completion of the math and science course work to date positions you for success in this program. Applications are due March 8, 2004 in the MIE Office submit the completed applications to Susan Conrad or Faith Richards. After we receive your applications we will request a transcript from OLC. If you have transcripts from any other college that you attempting to transfer back you need to include them with your application.


Participants that are selected must commit to the program starting with a summer component June 6, 2004 through July 16, 2004. All costs for this program will be paid along with a stipend. If you have any questions please contact, Stacy Phelps (sphelps@olc.edu or 4556001) or Susan Conrad (sconrad@olc.edu or 4556094).






Undergraduate Degree Program (Science and Math Degree)

Participants will receive:

  • Full payment of tuition and fees for up to 20 credit hours per academic year and 6 credit hours per summer sessions (The grant does not pay for classes that the participant may withdraw from or needs to repeat).
  • Textbook allowance of up to $500 per academic year and up to $200 per summer for required textbooks related to required degree program coursework.
  • Summer session expenses will include room, board, and a stipend of $150 per week.
  • Additional stipend resources allocated for participants to serve as a distance education classroom monitor, tutor, or curriculum assistant in the math and science areas.

This will occur for duration of the grant and end August 2005.







Physical Science Degree


1. CORE REQUIREMENTS (27 credits)

St Sk103 College Reading & Study Skills 3

Engl 103 Freshman English I 3

Engl 113 Freshman English II 3

SpCm 103 Speech Communications 3

Psy 103 General Psychology 3

Lit 313 World Literature 3

Math 163 Trigonometry 3

Bio 103 Human Biology 3

Humanities Elective 3



2. LAKOTA STUDIES (15 credits)

Lak 103 Lakota Language I 3

Lak 233 Lakota Language II 3

LSoc 103 Lakota Culture 3

Lak Elective 3

Lak Elective 3




Ed 283 Foundations of Ed. (included sophomore experience) 3

Ed 203 Indian Education 3

ScEd 443 Reading in the Content Area 3

Ed. 313 Educational Psychology 3

ExEd 313 Introduction to Exceptional Education 3

Ed 463 Human Relations for Education Majors 3

Ed 483 Information Technology for Teachers 3

Ed 323 Middle School/High School Concepts 3

(The following courses are to be taken after completion of all coursework)

ScEd 416 Student Teaching & Practicum in Secondary Schools 6

Ed 473 A Student Teaching Seminar 3




Math 194 Calculus I 4

ScEd 403 Methods of Teaching Secondary Mathematics 3

ScEd 413 Methods of Teaching Secondary Science 3



5. Physical Science Requirements: (46 credits)



Chem 233 General Chemistry I 3

Chem 231 Experimental General Chemistry Lab I 1

Chem 243 General Chemistry II 3

Chem 241 Experimental General Chemistry Lab II 1

Chem 323 Environmental Chemistry 3

Chem 354 Organic Chemistry for Educators I 4

Chem 351 Organic Chemistry for Educators Lab I 1

Chem 364 Organic Chemistry for Educators II 4

Chem 361 Organic Chemistry for Educators Lab II 1


Phys 113 Survey of Physics 3

Phys 214 Physics I 4

Phys 253 Astronomy 3

Phys 324 Physics II for Educators 4

Phys 321 Physics for Educators Laboratory 1

Phys 434 Modern Physics 4

EnS 483 Renewable Energy Technologies 3

Earth Science

Geol 133 Environmental Geology 3



Total credits for degree: 131



In addition, the following endorsements are available:


Mathematics Endorsement:

Math 214 Calculus II 4

Math 224 Calculus III 4

Math 333 Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra 3

Math 314 Applied Statistics 4

Math 324 Geometry for Educators 4


Biology Endorsement:

Bio 154 Introductory Biology I 4

Bio 164 Introductory Biology II 4

Bio 223 Ecology 3

Bio 303 Field Ecology 3

Bio 333 Biological Literature 3

Bio 463 Conservation Biology 3


Earth Science Endorsement:

Ens 243 Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences 3

Ens 253 Hydrology 3

Ens 333 Introduction to GIS/GPS 3

Ens 363 Fluvial Processes and Stream Morphology 3

Chem 323 Environmental Chemistry (Chem. 233 prereq) 3



Strengthen Our Science and Math Infrastructure

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Degree

Physical Science Degree with Endorsements in Math, Earth Science and Biology

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Complete if applicable:

School Grade Level Taught__________________________________________

School Address___________________________________________________

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Subject(s) taught__________________________________________________

What is your educational background (HS degree or GED, any college courses, college degree, etc.)?








What are your educational goals?








What leadership roles have you been involved with in your school or community?








What are your reasons to become involved with this program?









Complete if applicable:

What is your teaching background (years of teaching, subject matter, schools)?








What professional organizations do you belong to?








What professional literature do you read on a regular basis?






Signature_______________________________________ Date_____________

Please mail all completed forms to:

Oglala Lakota College

Attn: Sue Conrad

490 Piya Wiconi Road

Kyle, SD 57752