I would like to express my appreciation to the faculty of Dakota State University and the University of South Dakota for their dedication to make this program a success for the students.

I would also like say thanks to DIAL Board and Employees for their generous support of my participation in the MSCET Program. If it was not for your dedication to this project many of us would not have been able to participate this graduate program.

Also I would like to express my gratitude to several of my cohort members for their assistance during numerous group presentations, discussion boards, and emails for the rich exchange of knowledge and ideas that have been most helpful to me. Lastly I would like to thanks my co-workers, co-students, and friends Andy Conrad and Cliff DeLong for their tireless encouragement of my progress in this program. Their assistance and vast knowledge has been an educational experience within itself, while their encouraging words have been inspirational to me to continue plowing ahead when I wanted to make many valid excuses to quit the program.

Good luck to the educators how are completing and starting this degree program. Your dedication and tireless hours of work with your students is to be commended. You hold in your hands the precious human capacity that will be our future and based on our interaction thus far, I believe that we have a very good foundation to build from.