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[dir] analysis_files [63 Files] 3.1 MB2005-Jan-29 
[dir] Anemometer Tower_files [39 Files] 6.5 MB2004-Oct-04 
[dir] Bio 164_syll_files [3 Files] 391.0  B2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Biodiesel workshop_files [31 Files] 3.2 MB2005-Apr-22 
[dir] Biology 113 Policies_Fall 2004_files [3 Files] 413.0  B2004-Sep-04 
[dir] Biology 113 syllabus_Fall2005_files [3 Files] 410.0  B2006-Mar-10 
[dir] Biology153_syll_files [3 Files] 392.0  B2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Charts_files [65 Files] 1.5 MB2005-Feb-03 
[dir] compost_files [17 Files] 1.8 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Conservation Biology_files [2 Files] 273.0  B2006-Mar-10 
[dir] coursepage_files [5 Files] 18.6 KB2007-Feb-12 
[dir] Cumulative Results_2_year_20042006_files [15 Files] 356.9 KB2006-Nov-13 
[dir] cumulative_10_04_1_07_files [179 Files] 4.3 MB2007-Feb-12 
[dir] Ecology 223_syllabus_2003_files [3 Files] 402.0  B2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Education_files [5 Files] 17.5 KB2004-Dec-21 
[dir] Environmental Science 304_files [3 Files] 406.0  B2004-Sep-04 
[dir] Field Ecology_syllabus_2006_files [4 Files] 37.6 KB2006-Nov-13 
[dir] Field Ecology_syllabus_files [4 Files] 37.6 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] field_ecology2_files [37 Files] 4.2 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] field_ecology3_files [41 Files] 4.9 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] field_ecology_files [45 Files] 5.9 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] GIS_appl_syll_2004_files [3 Files] 395.0  B2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Guest_speaker_jandreau_files [4 Files] 38.4 KB2006-May-11 
[dir] hobbies_files [24 Files] 1.5 MB2005-Jun-11 
[dir] homepage_files [23 Files] 934.1 KB2007-Feb-13 
[dir] Human Biology_Fall 2004_files [3 Files] 401.0  B2004-Sep-04 
[dir] Human Biology_Spring_2006_files [3 Files] 401.0  B2006-Mar-10 
[dir] index_files [23 Files] 934.1 KB2007-Feb-13 
[dir] Int. Env. Sci. 304_fall2005_files [3 Files] 410.0  B2006-Mar-10 
[dir] Int. Env. Sci. 304_fall2006_files [3 Files] 410.0  B2006-Sep-09 
[dir] Mammalogy field trip 4_1_05_files [25 Files] 3.7 MB2005-Apr-22 
[dir] mammalogy_syllabus_files [4 Files] 589.0  B2004-Aug-28 
[dir] oct.5_2002_files [13 Files] 1.9 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Ornithology_spring_07_files [2 Files] 344.0  B2007-Feb-02 
[dir] P&E_page_files [2 Files] 263.0  B2004-Aug-28 
[dir] PineRidge_LandcoverMap_files [4 Files] 1.3 MB2005-Feb-03 
[dir] PUBLICATIONS_files [5 Files] 32.8 KB2004-Dec-21 
[dir] Recycling_2002_files [21 Files] 3.5 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Renewable Energy_Fall2006_files [3 Files] 404.0  B2006-Sep-09 
[dir] Renewable Energy_Spring2004_files [3 Files] 406.0  B2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Rosebud Wind Energy Project_files [9 Files] 623.3 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Science Summer School_files [41 Files] 1.5 MB2004-Sep-04 
[dir] Spring2003_syll_files [3 Files] 391.0  B2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Statistics_Syllabus_files [2 Files] 2.4 KB2006-Mar-10 
[dir] Summer Wildlife Radiotelemetry Seminars_2005_files [19 Files] 4.7 MB2005-Oct-18 
[dir] veg_remote_sensing [2 Files] 91.3 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] WEATS_files [58 Files] 4.2 MB2005-May-23 
[dir] Wildlife Radio Telemetry Methods_files [11 Files] 1.3 MB2004-Sep-05 
[dir] wind_power_files [18 Files] 14.8 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Winona LaDuke_files [5 Files] 266.7 KB2004-Aug-28 
[htm] analysis.htm10030.7 KB2005-Jan-30 
[htm] Anemometer Tower.htm6825.4 KB2004-Oct-04 
[htm] Bio 164_syll.htm4214.5 KB2004-May-31 
[htm] Biodiesel workshop.htm8729.2 KB2005-Apr-22 
[htm] Biology 113 Policies_Fall 2004.htm615.4 KB2004-Sep-04 
[htm] Biology 113 syllabus_Fall2005.htm4316.1 KB2006-Mar-10 
[htm] Biology153_syll.htm5015.9 KB2004-May-31 
[htm] Bo.Lit._spring_07.htm4213.0 KB2007-Feb-02 
[htm] Charts.htm9733.6 KB2004-Jan-22 
[htm] compost.htm6513.0 KB2003-Dec-06 
[htm] Conservation Biology.htm4414.1 KB2006-May-11 
[htm] coursepage.htm735.0 KB2007-Feb-12 
[htm] Cumulative Results_2_year_20042006.htm4711.6 KB2006-Nov-13 
[htm] cumulative_10_04_1_07.htm5561.9 KB2007-Feb-12 
[htm] Ecology 223_syllabus_2003.htm5013.9 KB2004-May-31 
[htm] Education.htm489.7 KB2004-Dec-21 
[htm] Environmental Science 304.htm219.1 KB2004-Sep-04 
[htm] Field Ecology_syllabus.htm4512.4 KB2004-May-31 
[htm] Field Ecology_syllabus_2006.htm1114.1 KB2006-Nov-13 
[htm] field_ecology.htm102136.7 KB2003-Nov-05 
[htm] field_ecology2.htm9745.9 KB2003-Jul-14 
[htm] field_ecology3.htm5930.2 KB2003-Jul-11 
[htm] GIS_appl_syll_2004.htm4416.9 KB2004-May-31 
[htm] Guest_speaker_jandreau.htm08.3 KB2006-May-11 
[htm] hobbies.htm612.2 KB2004-Dec-21 
[html] hobbies.html4413.1 KB2005-Jun-11 
[htm] homepage.htm4528.4 KB2007-Feb-13 
[htm] Human Biology_Fall 2004.htm5012.6 KB2004-Sep-04 
[htm] Human Biology_Spring_2006.htm4912.9 KB2006-Mar-10 
[htm] index.htm4828.4 KB2007-Feb-13 
[htm] Int. Env. Sci. 304_fall2005.htm4518.2 KB2006-Mar-10 
[htm] Int. Env. Sci. 304_fall2006.htm4718.4 KB2006-Sep-09 
[htm] Mammalogy field trip 4_1_05.htm6825.1 KB2005-Apr-22 
[htm] mammalogy_syllabus.htm4414.4 KB2004-May-31 
[htm] math103_fall 05.htm3825.1 KB2006-Mar-10 
[htm] oct.5_2002.htm014.1 KB2002-Oct-23 
[htm] Ornithology_spring_07.htm4515.8 KB2007-Feb-02 
[htm] P&E_page.htm423.9 KB2002-Dec-19 
[htm] PineRidge_LandcoverMap.htm451.3 KB2005-Feb-05 
[htm] PUBLICATIONS.htm6720.0 KB2006-Sep-09 
[htm] Recycling_2002.htm6917.3 KB2003-Jan-20 
[htm] Renewable Energy_Fall2006.htm715.6 KB2006-Sep-09 
[htm] Renewable Energy_Spring2004.htm4915.5 KB2004-May-31 
[htm] Rosebud Wind Energy Project.htm7711.9 KB2003-Jan-20 
[htm] Science Summer School.htm5271.8 KB2004-Sep-05 
[htm] Spring2003_syll.htm758.9 KB2004-May-31 
[htm] Statistics_Syllabus.htm340.1 KB2006-Mar-10 
[html] Summer Wildlife Radiotelemetry Seminars_2005.html5712.0 KB2005-Oct-18 
[htm] Summer_seminars.htm496.3 KB2004-May-31 
[htm] WEATS.htm8142.1 KB2005-May-23 
[htm] Wildlife Radio Telemetry Methods.htm12914.1 KB2005-Apr-23 
[htm] wind_power.htm5715.6 KB2003-Dec-11 
[htm] Winona LaDuke.htm18.7 KB2004-Feb-20 
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