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By Jason Tinant, Math and Science Department Chair
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[xml] filelist.xml0927.0  B2005-Apr-22 
[jpg] image001.jpg31276.9 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image002.jpg2534.2 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image003.jpg33137.2 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image004.jpg2931.4 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image005.jpg31248.7 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image006.jpg3346.4 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image007.jpg30295.9 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image008.jpg2826.3 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image009.jpg2796.4 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image010.jpg286.9 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image011.jpg31881.5 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image012.jpg3053.9 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image013.jpg28336.8 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image014.jpg2963.7 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image015.jpg26231.6 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image016.jpg4942.0 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image017.jpg46285.2 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image018.jpg2965.5 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image019.jpg30164.6 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image020.jpg1824.3 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image021.jpg29393.6 KB2005-Apr-02 
[jpg] image022.jpg2933.5 KB2005-Apr-02 
[png] image023.png2714.5 KB2005-Apr-22 
[jpg] image024.jpg171.4 KB2005-Apr-22 
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