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By Jason Tinant, Math and Science Department Chair
Webdesigner for Webfolder Class Materials Only
email: Jason Tinant

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[gif] image002.gif2224.0  B2007-Feb-13 
[jpg] image014.jpg222.0 KB2007-Feb-13 
[gif] image015.gif290.0  B2007-Feb-13 
[gif] image018.gif2809.0  B2007-Feb-13 
[gif] image008.gif42.1 KB2007-Feb-13 
[wmz] image011.wmz4174.0 KB2007-Feb-13 
[gif] image021.gif4127.0  B2007-Feb-13 
[jpg] image005.jpg5235.8 KB2007-Feb-13 
[mso] oledata.mso5289.2 KB2007-Feb-13 
[gif] image020.gif8126.0  B2007-Feb-13 
[jpg] image006.jpg98.6 KB2007-Feb-13 
[gif] image016.gif9910.0  B2007-Feb-13 
[jpg] image004.jpg1115.0 KB2007-Feb-13 
[gif] image019.gif741.8 KB2007-Feb-13 
[gif] image007.gif76124.0  B2007-Feb-13 
[jpg] image013.jpg7740.4 KB2007-Feb-13 
[jpg] image003.jpg7849.4 KB2007-Feb-13 
[jpg] image010.jpg797.9 KB2007-Feb-13 
[xml] filelist.xml80834.0  B2007-Feb-13 
[gif] image017.gif82128.0  B2007-Feb-13 
[png] image009.png8314.5 KB2007-Feb-13 
[gif] image001.gif841.2 KB2007-Feb-13 
[gif] image012.gif8769.1 KB2007-Feb-13 
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