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[dir] BlackBoard Intro_files [99 Files] 2.1 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Chain_rule_2_files [88 Files] 1.8 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Chain_rule_3_files [56 Files] 970.8 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Chain_rule_files [79 Files] 1.3 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] CI_Assign_1_files [16 Files] 20.8 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Continuity_files [65 Files] 1.2 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Def_derivative_files [79 Files] 1.4 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Der_sine_files [66 Files] 1.3 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Der_tangent_files [52 Files] 705.9 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Der_velocity_files [64 Files] 1.2 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Evaluate Limits_files [66 Files] 1.1 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Implicit_1_files [89 Files] 2.6 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Implicit_2_files [85 Files] 2.2 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Implicit_3_files [67 Files] 2.3 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Implicit_4_files [61 Files] 1.6 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] inifinite_limits_files [69 Files] 1.5 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] IVT_files [53 Files] 1.7 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Left_and_right_limits_files [89 Files] 957.5 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Limit_definition_files [77 Files] 1.7 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Position_velocity_files [71 Files] 1.9 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Power_Rule_files [58 Files] 1.2 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Prob_79_p125_files [73 Files] 1.8 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Prob_94_files [52 Files] 938.7 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Product_rule_files [56 Files] 1.2 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Quotient_rule_files [56 Files] 1.3 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Related_Rates_1_files [67 Files] 2.7 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Related_Rates_2_files [96 Files] 4.3 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] tangent_line_problem_files [71 Files] 1.1 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Tangent_problem_files [52 Files] 974.2 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] vertical_asymptotes_files [49 Files] 834.5 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Week_1 [0 Files] 0.0  B2003-Oct-03 
[dir] Week_8 [359 Files] 8.2 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Week_9 [145 Files] 3.3 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Week_10 [533 Files] 15.0 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Week_11 [355 Files] 11.1 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Week_12 [420 Files] 14.4 MB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Week_13 [82 Files] 813.8 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Week_15 [130 Files] 446.6 KB2004-Aug-28 
[htm] BlackBoard Intro.htm11,004.0  B2003-Aug-19 
[wma] BlackBoard Intro_0006.wma1842.7 KB2003-Aug-19 
[htm] Chain_rule.htm01,004.0  B2003-Sep-22 
[wma] Chain_rule.wma02.1 MB2003-Sep-22 
[htm] Chain_rule_2.htm11,004.0  B2003-Sep-22 
[wma] Chain_rule_2.wma153.0 MB2003-Sep-22 
[htm] Chain_rule_3.htm121,004.0  B2003-Sep-29 
[wma] Chain_rule_3.wma111.4 MB2003-Sep-29 
[htm] CI_Assign_1.htm112.7 KB2003-Aug-24 
[htm] Continuity.htm01,004.0  B2003-Sep-01 
[wma] Continuity.wma11.8 MB2003-Sep-01 
[htm] Def_derivative.htm01,004.0  B2003-Sep-16 
[wma] Def_derivative.wma142.2 MB2003-Sep-16 
[htm] Der_sine.htm101,004.0  B2003-Sep-18 
[wma] Der_sine.wma02.1 MB2003-Sep-18 
[htm] Der_tangent.htm01,004.0  B2003-Sep-22 
[wma] Der_tangent.wma13988.9 KB2003-Sep-22 
[htm] Der_velocity.htm11,004.0  B2003-Sep-18 
[wma] Der_velocity_.wma12.0 MB2003-Sep-18 
[htm] Evaluate Limits.htm11,004.0  B2003-Aug-31 
[wma] Evaluate_limits.wma131.7 MB2003-Aug-31 
[htm] Implicit_1.htm11,004.0  B2003-Sep-29 
[wma] Implicit_1.wma14.5 MB2003-Sep-29 
[htm] Implicit_2.htm161,004.0  B2003-Sep-29 
[wma] Implicit_2.wma113.8 MB2003-Sep-29 
[htm] Implicit_3.htm01,004.0  B2003-Oct-05 
[wma] Implicit_3.wma113.9 MB2003-Oct-05 
[htm] Implicit_4.htm171,004.0  B2003-Oct-05 
[wma] Implicit_4_2.wma12.7 MB2003-Oct-05 
[wma] infinite_limits.wma12.4 MB2003-Sep-08 
[htm] inifinite_limits.htm161,004.0  B2003-Sep-08 
[htm] IVT.htm111,004.0  B2003-Sep-01 
[wma] IVT.wma122.9 MB2003-Sep-01 
[htm] Left_and_right_limits.htm01,004.0  B2003-Aug-31 
[wma] left_right_limits.wma01.3 MB2003-Aug-31 
[wma] limit definition.wma102.8 MB2003-Aug-24 
[htm] Limit_definition.htm01,004.0  B2003-Aug-24 
[htm] Position_velocity.htm01,004.0  B2003-Sep-22 
[wma] Position_velocity.wma123.1 MB2003-Sep-22 
[htm] Power_Rule.htm151,004.0  B2003-Sep-18 
[wma] Power_Rule.wma12.0 MB2003-Sep-18 
[htm] Prob_79_p125.htm11,004.0  B2003-Sep-22 
[wma] Prob_79_p125.wma13.0 MB2003-Sep-22 
[htm] Prob_94.htm21,004.0  B2003-Sep-10 
[wma] Prob_94.wma121.3 MB2003-Sep-10 
[htm] Product_rule.htm131,004.0  B2003-Sep-22 
[wma] Product_rule.wma01.8 MB2003-Sep-22 
[htm] Quotient_rule.htm21,004.0  B2003-Sep-22 
[wma] Quotient_rule.wma02.0 MB2003-Sep-22 
[htm] Related_Rates_1.htm01,004.0  B2003-Oct-07 
[wma] Related_Rates_1.wma04.7 MB2003-Oct-07 
[htm] Related_Rates_2.htm11,004.0  B2003-Oct-07 
[wma] Related_Rates_2.wma107.8 MB2003-Oct-07 
[wma] tangent_line.wma121.7 MB2003-Aug-24 
[htm] tangent_line_problem.htm11,004.0  B2003-Aug-24 
[htm] Tangent_problem.htm01,004.0  B2003-Sep-18 
[wma] Tangent_problem.wma11.4 MB2003-Sep-18 
[htm] vertical_asymptotes.htm11,004.0  B2003-Sep-08 
[wma] vertical_asymptotes.wma111.2 MB2003-Sep-08 
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