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[ppt] Power_Rule.ppt258.0 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Continuity.ppt6132.5 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Position_velocity.ppt13195.0 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Infinite_Limits_1.ppt1591.5 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Implicit_2.ppt23106.5 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Inc_Dec.ppt40102.5 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Infinite_limits.ppt4196.0 KB2003-Nov-01 
[ppt] Quotient Rule.ppt4281.0 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] der_sine.ppt4367.5 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Infinite_limits_2.ppt44112.0 KB2003-Nov-01 
[ppt] Product_Rule.ppt4482.5 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Implicit_3.ppt46104.5 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Implicit_4.ppt4674.0 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Prob_79_pg125.ppt46107.5 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Der_tangent.ppt4761.5 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] IVT.ppt4749.0 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Tangent_line_problem.ppt4864.5 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Related Rates.ppt4966.0 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] limit definition.ppt4999.5 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Chain_Rule_2.ppt50115.5 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Concavity_1.ppt50112.0 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Tangent_line.ppt51103.0 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Implicit_1.ppt52101.0 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] prob_94.ppt52105.0 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Extrema_1.ppt53111.5 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Chain_rule_example12.ppt5559.0 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] vertical_asymptotes.ppt5552.0 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Def_derivative.ppt56102.0 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] BlackBoard_Intro.ppt58856.5 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Derivative_uses.ppt5879.5 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Chain_Rule.ppt6089.0 KB2003-Oct-26 
[ppt] Graphing.ppt64236.0 KB2003-Nov-01 
[ppt] Related Rates 2.ppt89134.5 KB2003-Oct-26 
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