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[dir] Basic_Math [272 Files] 472.9 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Bison_files [4 Files] 3.3 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] CI_Assign_1_files [10 Files] 8.2 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Equation_primer_files [14 Files] 198.7 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] Homepage [26 Files] 211.0 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] M214_A5_files [36 Files] 10.5 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] M214_T1_Rev_ans_files [60 Files] 34.2 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] M214_T3_rev_files [24 Files] 12.4 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] PII_Assign_1_files [10 Files] 8.1 KB2004-Aug-28 
[htm] Thinkwell_assign.htm05.8 KB2002-Oct-11 
[doc] WebCT_equation.doc0100.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[dir] WebCT_equation_files [8 Files] 175.4 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] _vti_cnf [11 Files] 11.1 KB2004-Aug-28 
[dir] arc_tut [103 Files] 4.1 MB2004-Aug-28 
[htm] M214_T1_Rev_ans.htm216.6 KB2002-Oct-11 
[] P214_Rev2A_files232.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[] P214_Rev2_files232.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] Phys214_A4.htm24.2 KB2002-Oct-11 
[] Phys214_Test2_files232.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[] Phys224 _Final_Fall00_files232.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] T2_review.htm235.8 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] Bison.htm33.1 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] Equation_primer.htm38.1 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] M214_T3_rev.htm310.6 KB2002-Oct-11 
[] OilRig_files332.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] Phys214_Test2.htm345.2 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] mst.htm49.4 KB2002-Oct-11 
[] Math224 _Final_Fall00_files632.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] P214_T3_rev.htm65.2 KB2002-Oct-11 
[] Test_1_Review_files632.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[] Reagan832.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] CI_Assign_1.htm99.2 KB2002-Oct-11 
[] Phys_Rev1_ans_files932.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] Team_Assignment.htm921.2 KB2002-Oct-11 
[jpg] chap1_1.jpg9238.7 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] M_214_ass4.htm1010.9 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] Minutes_Jan_Feb.htm1031.9 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] Math224_Final_Fall00.htm1188.7 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] Minutes_Oct_Nov_Dec.htm1150.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[] M_214_ass4_files1232.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] OilRig.htm122.4 KB2002-Oct-11 
[] Phys214_Test 1_files1232.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] Phys214_Test 1.htm1339.8 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] P214_Q1.htm4111.1 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] Test_1_Review.htm4113.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] WebCT_equation.htm415.9 KB2002-Oct-11 
[] P214_Q1_files4432.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[] Review for Test 2_files4432.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[] Team_Assignment_files4432.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] oil_rig.htm442.3 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] Thinkwell_assign2.htm455.8 KB2002-Oct-11 
[] oil_rig_files4632.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] Phys_Rev1_ans.htm6521.9 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] P214_Rev2.htm6617.6 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] P214_Rev2A.htm6644.2 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] Phys224_Final_Fall00.htm66101.7 KB2002-Oct-11 
[] _notes6832.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] Inst_Affairs.htm69458.0  B2002-Oct-11 
[htm] Phys214_Test1.htm6949.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] M214_A5.htm7118.1 KB2002-Oct-11 
[htm] PII_Assign_1.htm719.2 KB2002-Oct-11 
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