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[pdf] evapotranspiration_a.pdf181.7 MB2010-Mar-31 
[pdf] Evapotranspiration_b.pdf6982.8 KB2010-Mar-31 
[xls] Examples-Ch1.xls8743.0 KB2010-Jan-22 
[xlsx] Examples-Ch1.xlsx10047.9 KB2010-Jan-18 
[xlsx] Example_4.5-4.7.xlsx3617.2 KB2010-Apr-15 
[pdf] Lecture01_ Hydrologic Cyc.pdf156986.7 KB2012-Jan-23 
[pdf] Lecture02_ Hydrologic Cyc.pdf899.4 KB2012-Jan-30 
[xlsx] NSci233_Examples_Wk2_student.xlsx9253.1 KB2012-Jan-30 
[doc] NSci253_Welcome_SP10.doc7112.0 KB2010-Jan-18 
[pdf] OST Assessment Report Ch 1_10.pdf63.7 MB2012-Jan-30 
[xls] PineRidgeClimate.xls7726.0 KB2010-Feb-18 
[pdf] Precip-lecture_I.pdf1341.4 MB2010-Jan-26 
[pdf] Precip-lecture_II.pdf7081.1 MB2010-Jan-26 
[pdf] Runoff_Infiltration.pdf91.5 MB2010-Mar-09 
[pdf] Soils_Microsoft_Access.pdf81.9 MB2010-Mar-09 
[pdf] Urban Water Use Example.pdf1181.8 MB2010-Jan-28 
[pdf] Viewing your soils map in ArcGIS.pdf3211.5 MB2010-Mar-09 
[xls] Water Use Example.xls770.0 KB2012-Jan-23 
[pdf] What_s_Your_Consumption_Factor.pdf12198.6 KB2010-Jan-26 
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