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By Jason Tinant, Math and Science Department Chair
Webdesigner for Webfolder Class Materials Only
email: Jason Tinant

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[dir] AHeriba [127 Files] 1.2 MB2009-Mar-01 
[dir] BArobba [78 Files] 6.3 MB2009-Mar-01 
[dir] Constructivist-Learning [4 Files] 4.8 MB2015-Sep-22 
[dir] GIS313 [9 Files] 160.3 MB2009-Dec-03 
[dir] Intro_ArcGIS [8 Files] 6.0 MB2010-Feb-09 
[dir] JTaulman [962 Files] 169.6 MB2009-Mar-01 
[dir] KJensen [61 Files] 5.4 MB2009-Aug-25 
[dir] MFredenberg [7860 Files] 268.4 MB2009-Mar-01 
[dir] presentations [6 Files] 174.4 MB2010-Apr-28 
[dir] RA_Application [2 Files] 415.2 KB2016-Sep-26 
[dir] SPhelps [823 Files] 321.2 MB2009-Mar-01 
[dir] WasteManagement [6 Files] 785.0 KB2009-May-13 
[dir] webgallery [1 File] 114.0 KB2013-Sep-30 
[dir] web_docs [2 Files] 54.8 MB2009-Jun-15 
[pdf] 2011BAMS3146.1.pdf2961.1 MB2011-Oct-03 
[pdf] BadlandsVege.pdf4907.7 MB2008-Mar-07 
[xls] Badlands_plants.xls374644.5 KB2008-Mar-13 
[xls] Benn_Soils_Combo_A.xls36338.0 KB2008-Mar-13 
[pdf] FieldIndicators_v6_0.pdf33.1 MB2008-Mar-13 
[pdf] greatplains_supp.pdf6095.2 MB2008-Mar-13 
[xls] Jack_Soils_Combo.xls45198.0 KB2008-Mar-13 
[pdf] LNSF.pdf5622.0 KB2011-Apr-12 
[docx] Portfolio Checklist-Tinant5.docx3945.8 MB2016-Nov-28 
[pptx] RSV10 draftv3_cjt.pptx3219.7 MB2010-Sep-17 
[pdf] Science_Seminar_Nov-2012.pdf293506.5 KB2012-Nov-09 
[xls] Shan_Soils_Combo.xls33327.5 KB2008-Mar-13 
[vsd] TSS.vsd31159.0 KB2006-Feb-09 
[zip] vascplnt 2.zip40112.3 MB2008-Mar-13 
[ppt] Watrshed_Class_Final_c.ppt352.3 MB2008-Mar-13 
[xls] Wetlands_Plants.xls419209.0 KB2008-Mar-13 
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