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By Jason Tinant, Math and Science Department Chair
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[bmp] 1a.BMP1211.3 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] 1b.bmp111.3 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] 2a.bmp111.3 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] 2b.bmp211.3 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] 3a.bmp1711.3 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] 3b.bmp511.3 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] 4a.bmp3611.3 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] 4b.bmp1211.3 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] assess0.BMP524.7 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] assess1.BMP3424.7 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] assess2.BMP424.7 KB2004-Jun-03 
[exe] cdsetup.exe1474.4 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] Exit0.bmp48.9 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] Exit1.bmp378.9 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] Exit2.bmp58.9 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] Help0.bmp38.9 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] Help1.bmp398.9 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] Help2.bmp348.9 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] Install0.bmp48.9 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] Install1.bmp128.9 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] Install2.bmp58.9 KB2004-Jun-03 
[dll] MSVCRT40.DLL35319.0 KB2004-Jun-03 
[dll] OC25.DLL2523.5 KB2004-Jun-03 
[dll] oleaut32.dll5600.3 KB2004-Jun-03 
[dll] OLEPRO32.DLL771.3 KB2004-Jun-03 
[exe] Open32.exe610.0 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] plan0.BMP3824.7 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] plan1.BMP324.7 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] plan2.BMP3524.7 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] present0.BMP3424.7 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] present1.BMP424.7 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] present2.BMP4124.7 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] Present12.bmp3724.7 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] screen.bmp39900.1 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] Student0.bmp3824.7 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] student1.BMP524.7 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] student2.BMP3924.7 KB2004-Jun-03 
[dll] VB40016.DLL5913.7 KB2004-Jun-03 
[dll] VB40032.DLL12704.3 KB2004-Jun-03 
[dll] VBRUN300.DLL6389.1 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] View0.bmp378.9 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] View1.BMP348.9 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] View2.bmp118.9 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] WWW.BMP115.6 KB2004-Jun-03 
[bmp] WWWB.BMP515.6 KB2004-Jun-03 
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