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By Jason Tinant, Math and Science Department Chair
Webdesigner for Webfolder Class Materials Only
email: Jason Tinant

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[wma] asdf.WMA588.4 KB2002-Oct-11 
[mswmm] CDCleaner.MSWMM955.5 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wmv] CDCleaning.WMV22.7 MB2002-Oct-11 
[mswmm] Central Park.MSWMM338.5 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wmv] Central Park2.WMV27555.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[mswmm] Circuits.MSWMM2284.4 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wmv] Circuits.WMV31.2 MB2002-Oct-11 
[mswmm] clean.MSWMM137.4 KB2002-Oct-11 
[pme] clean.pme3588.8 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wmv] Cleaning.WMV06.5 MB2002-Oct-11 
[mswmm] Diskette.MSWMM432.5 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wmv] DisketteEv.WMV3487.5 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wma] gf.WMA3167.2 KB2002-Oct-11 
[mswmm] HardDrive2.MSWMM427.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wmv] HardDrives2.WMV51.8 MB2002-Oct-11 
[mswmm] HardwarePorts.MSWMM878.6 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wmv] HardwarePorts.WMV21.0 MB2002-Oct-11 
[wma] hl.WMA19189.2 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wmv] LT731.wmv89.3 MB2002-Oct-11 
[wmv] LT731b.wmv5120.0 MB2002-Oct-11 
[mswmm] Memory.MSWMM255.5 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wmv] Memory.WMV31.6 MB2002-Oct-11 
[wmv] MModules.WMV31.2 MB2002-Oct-11 
[wmv] Old Hard Drive.WMV1307.5 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wma] oui.WMA388.4 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wma] oy.WMA088.4 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wma] qwre.WMA7101.5 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wma] rt.WMA21281.2 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wma] sxer.WMA3119.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[db] Thumbs.db1208.0 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wma] upio.WMA20105.9 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wma] ur.WMA270.8 KB2002-Oct-11 
[scn] Video 1.scn9372.0  B2002-Oct-11 
[wma] vx.WMA275.2 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wmv] Windows Movie Maker Sample File.wmv2360.9 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wma] y.WMA688.4 KB2002-Oct-11 
[wma] yrwe.WMA392.8 KB2002-Oct-11 
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