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By Kim Bettelyoun, Humanities Department Chair
Webdesigner for , Social Science
email: Kim Bettelyoun

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[pdf] susan e butcher.pdf170698.0 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] rossiter and clark.pdf127119.7 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] paul brna.pdf13861.0 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] pamela ironside.pdf16686.1 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] narrative international students.pdf12874.8 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] nancy jean cook nelson.pdf14810.1 MB2012-May-10 
[pdf] melanie peter.pdf149115.3 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] judy sierra.pdf134269.3 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] jim elmborg.pdf13661.1 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] elana michelson.pdf1581.2 MB2012-May-10 
[pdf] cultural-autobiography.pdf38273.8 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] clark.pdf14163.0 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] clark (3).pdf14063.0 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] carolyn clark.pdf14351.8 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] bernard cesarone.pdf147106.2 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] Woodhouse_chp7-7d834c80rdz.pdf201339.1 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] Teaching Students How to Analyze and Evaluate Arguments in History.pdf2464.6 MB2012-May-10 
[pdf] Storytelling.pdf129295.4 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] SITE_DigitalStorytelling.pdf19082.0 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] Myrna Elyse Diamond.pdf2184.9 MB2012-May-10 
[pdf] Lenox.pdf17661.5 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] Global Storytelling.pdf128289.9 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] Cultural_Autobiography.pdf17569.2 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] Clark Rossiter.pdf20578.0 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] Clark (2).pdf132119.7 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] ChangI.pdf16097.7 KB2012-May-10 
[pdf] Butcher.pdf175698.0 KB2012-May-10 
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