Book Report Guidelines


I.† References† MLA Format


Last Name, First Name.† Title of Book:† Subheading.† City of Publication:† Publisher, Copyright Date.



II.† Character Sketches

†† Take three characters from your book and answer the following questions about each one:

††††††††††††††† A.† Characterís name?

††††††††††††††† B.† What is the characterís personality like and what are his/her physical traits?

††††††††††††††† C.† What role does this character play in the story?† Is she/he a hero or victim or what?


Note:† If you read a book that doesnít really have characters, you may write topic sketches, where you explain topics covered in the book.



III.† Brief Summary


†† In this section, write a brief summary of what happens in the book.† Keep your summary to three paragraphs or less.



IV.† Your Reaction to the Book

††††††††††††††† A.† Your favorite part of the story.

††††††††††††††† B.† Your least favorite part of the story.† This could include a character you donít like, or the authorís style, or too much scenery, or that itís not believable, etc.

††††††††††††††† C.† Would you pass this book on to a friend to read?† Why or why not?