Name:  _____________________________________________


Interest Inventory

1.        Where were you born?

2.        Where have you lived since you were born?

3.        What interesting places have you visited?

4.        What sports events do you view or participate in?

5.        What is your family’s ethnic background?

6.        What customs (holiday or otherwise) are unique to your family’s background?

7.        What do you do in your spare time?

8.        What is your favorite activity?

9.        What skills do you have? (mechanic, sewing, etc.)

10.     What is something you could teach someone else about?

11.     What is the most difficult decision you ever had to make?

12.     What is the most humorous memory you have?

13.     What would you like to talk about that people have to listen to?

14.     Family member I most enjoy doing things with…

15.     Person I really respect…

16.     Favorite subjects in school…

17.     I likes to spend time alone doing…

18.     I watch about how much T.V. on an ordinary evening…

19.     Things I do very well are…

20.     I  have a hard time with…

21.     I do not like…

22.     What are your goa1s this school year ?  For your future? .

23.     I am motivated to do well when…

24.     What historical event do you want to know more about?

25.     What invention or machine would you like to understand how it works?

26.     What is the biggest problem facing individuals your age?

27.     What is the biggest problem facing your school?

28.     What is the biggest problem facing your city, town, or area?

29.     What is the biggest problem facing your country?

30.     What is the biggest problem facing the world?