Writing a Thesis Statement



Write a thesis that is neither too broad nor too narrow for each group

of three supporting points.


1. Thesis: _________________________________________

a.      My first car was a rebellious-looking one which matched the way I felt and acted as a teenager.

b.     My next car reflected my more mature and practical adult self.

c.     My latest car seems to tell me that I m aging; it shows my growing concern with comfort and safety.


2. Thesis: _________________________________________

a.      Going to a two-year college can save up to $20,000 in tuition.

b.     If the college is nearby , there are no costs for room and board.

c.     All the course credits that are accumulated can be transferred to a four-year school.


3. Thesis: _________________________________________

a.      First, I tried simply avoiding the snacks aisle of the supermarket.

b.     Then I started limiting myself to only five units of any given snack.

c.     Finally, in desperation, I began keeping the cellophane bags of snacks in a cupboard.


4. Thesis: _________________________________________

a.      First of all, I was a typical “type A” personality: anxious, impatient, and hard-driving.

b.     I also had a family history of relatives with heart trouble.

c.     My unhealthy lifestyle, though, was probably the major factor.

Completing Thesis Statements



Complete the following thesis statements by adding a third supporting point that will match the two already provided.


1. Because I never took college preparatory courses in high

school, I entered college deficient in mathematics, study

skills, and ______________________________________.


2. A good salesperson needs to like people, to be aggressive,

and ________ .


3. Rather than blame myself for failing the course, I blamed the

instructor , my adviser, and even ________.


4. Anyone who buys an old house planning to fix it up should

be prepared to put in a lot of time, hard work, and ________.


5. Our old car eats gas, makes funny noises, and _________.


6. My mother, my boss, and my _________ are three people

who are very important in my life right now.


7. Getting married too young was a mistake because we hadn’t

finished our education, we weren’t ready for children, and



8. Some restaurant patrons seems to leave their honesty, their

cleanliness, and their _________ at home.


9. During my first semester at college, I had to learn how to

manage my time, how to manage my diet, and _________.


10. Three experiences I wish I could forget are the time I fell off

a ladder, the time I tried to fix my parents lawn mower , and _________.