Argumentative and Persuasive Essays

Inciting People to Thought or Action






Argument and Persuasive Essays



Three Methods of Persuasion


  1. An Appeal to Reason
    1. Relies on logic and intellect
    2. Most effective when you expect readers to disagree with you
    3. Can help you change a readerís opinions through the use of logic.
    4. Facts and statistics
  2. An Appeal to Emotions
    1. Attempt to arouse readerís feelings, instincts, and biases
    2. Best when readers already agree with you
    3. Validates, reinforces, and/or incites in an effort to try to get readerís to share your feelings or ideas.
  3. An Appeal to Ethics
    1. Cultivate a sincere, honest tone to establish your reputation as a reliable, qualified, experienced, well informed, and knowledgeable person whose opinions are believable because they are ethically sound.
    2. Being believable