Elements of Narration

Narration:  To tell a story based on personal experience



Where did the story take place?

When did it take place?



Who are the main characters in the story?

What can you tell me about them?



What problem(s) did the main character have to solve?



What is the main character’s goal?

What is he/she trying to do?



What are the main things that happened in the story?



How was the story problem resolved?



A Narrative Essay Should:

  1. Establish 4 w’s in setting, in context of action
  2. Show rather than tell
  3. Begin at the beginning – End at the end
  4. Build to a climax – bring action to a close
  5. Prolong exciting parts – Shorten routine facts
  6. Use sequencing or logical order
  7. Have a certain audience
  8. Have a clear point of view in terms of:
    1. Person:  Who will tell the story?
    2. Attitude:  Personal feelings
    3. Vantage point of narrator

                                                               i.      Close to action or far away?

                                                             ii.      Looking back on past?

                                                            iii.      Reporting on present?




A Possible Outline for Narrative Essays:


Topic Sentence (Optional)



Setting and action

Who what where when


First Action – Dialogue/Event

Second Action – Dialogue/Event

Third Action – Dialogue/Event