Rhetorical Strategy or Mode

(The plan or method used to organize an essay)

Description - is a mode of writing or speaking that relates the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, or feelings of particular experience to its readers or listeners. Good descriptive writers are particularly adept at receiving, selecting, and expressing sensory details from the world around them.

Narration - is storytelling: the recounting of a series of events, arranged in a particular order and delivered by a narrator to a specific audience with a clear purpose in mind.

Persuasion - its main purpose is to convince a reader (or listener) to think, act, or feel a certain way. It involves appealing to reason, to emotion, and/or to a sense of ethics.

            Argumentation - an appeal predominantly to logic and reason.

            It deals with complex issues that can be debated.

Exposition - The principle purpose of expository prose is to 'expose' ideas to your readers, by explaining, defining, and interpreting information through one or more of the following modes of exposition: example, process analysis, division/classification, comparison/contrast, definition, and cause/effect.

            Example - is an illustration of a general principle or thesis statement.

                Process Analysis - either gives directions about how to do

            something (directive) or provides information on how

            something happened (informative).

            Division - breaks down a subject into many different subgroups.

            Classification - the analytical process of grouping together similar subjects into a          single category or class.

            Comparison - examines the similarities between objects or ideas.

            Contrast - examines the differences between objects or ideas.

            Definition - a process whereby the meaning of a term is

            explained. Formal definitions require two distinct operations:

            (1) finding the general class to which the object belongs and

            (2) isolating the object within that class by describing how it

            differs from other elements in the same category.

            Cause and Effect:  a form of analysis that examines the causes

            and consequences of events and ideas.

Documented Essay - is a research or library paper that integrates paraphrases, summaries, and quotation from secondary sources, with the writer's own insights and conclusions. Such essays normally include references within the paper and, at the end, a list of the books and articles cited.