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[pdf] Iroquois Confederacy - Magna Carta paper.pdf64463.8 KB2011-Jan-24 
[pdf] Choices and Consequences.pdf57092.5 KB2014-Aug-21 
[pdf] KEY TERMS FOR STUDY - 1.pdf50318.6 KB2011-Mar-02 
[pdf] APA Citation.pdf46210.7 MB2014-Aug-14 
[pdf] KEY TERMS FOR STUDY - NUMBER THREE.pdf45214.7 KB2012-May-03 
[pdf] KEY TERMS FOR STUDY - 2.pdf43017.9 KB2011-Mar-08 
[mp4] Video Glossary_ Divided Government.mp42538.1 MB2016-Jan-27 
[mp4] Bureaucracy -- Max Weber s Theory.mp422841.1 MB2016-Jan-27 
[mp4] Daisy Girl - Famous Presidential Campaign Commercial (1964).mp42185.4 MB2016-Jan-27 
[mp4] Simple Random Sampling.mp421013.9 MB2016-Jan-27 
[mp4] Video Glossary_ Iron Triangles.mp420912.8 MB2016-Jan-27 
[mp4] Gerrymandering_ How drawing jagged lines can impact an election - Christina Greer.mp420669.8 MB2016-Jan-27 
[mp4] Swiftboat Veterans Ad on John Kerry - Any Questions (2004).mp41942.7 MB2016-Jan-27 
[pdf] Syllabus - Amer Govt - Fall 2017.pdf63909.9 KB2017-Aug-20 
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