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[pdf] Research Paper Assignment - Amer History I Fall 2015.pdf722.6 KB2015-Sep-17 
[pdf] Syllabus - American History I - Fall 2015.pdf874.8 KB2015-Sep-17 
[docx] STUDY GUIDE - Part 3 of course.docx9714.7 KB2012-Dec-02 
[pdf] STUDY GUIDE- Part 2 of American History I.pdf10457.3 KB2012-Nov-04 
[pdf] Study Skills.pdf10439.3 KB2015-Aug-21 
[pdf] Evaluation of Classroom Activities.pdf11017.8 KB2012-Aug-25 
[] Evaluation of Research Paper - Amer History I12720.5 KB2012-Aug-25 
[] Evaluation of Opinion Essays13416.8 KB2012-Aug-25 
[pdf] Organization of Dept of Indian Affairs0001.pdf1363.2 MB2012-Nov-18 
[] Roots of the Iroquois13913.8 MB2012-Aug-26 
[pdf] Five Hundred Years of Injustice0001.pdf1554.8 MB2012-Sep-06 
[pdf] APA Citation.pdf16210.7 MB2012-Aug-25 
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