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By Lilias Jarding, Social Science Instructor
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[dir] Basic Call to Consciousness [1 File] 1.1 MB2010-Oct-16 
[pdf] Jarding Article.pdf2571.9 MB2010-Aug-29 
[pdf] Definitions of the Social Sciences.pdf26010.7 KB2011-Jan-25 
[pdf] Fenelon Article.pdf27513.3 MB2014-Mar-14 
[pdf] Sample Video Report.pdf27511.3 KB2012-Jan-16 
[pdf] Sample Interview Papers.pdf284156.6 KB2012-Jan-16 
[pdf] Sample Reading Report.pdf28629.0 KB2013-Aug-25 
[pdf] Study Skills.pdf30439.3 KB2015-Dec-15 
[pdf] Saleebey article.pdf3091.3 MB2012-Jan-16 
[pdf] Internalized Racism.pdf3282.4 MB2012-Jan-16 
[pdf] Syllabus - Intro to Soc Sci - Spring 2014.pdf332106.3 KB2014-Jan-09 
[pdf] Wildcat, Red Alert excerpts.pdf42915.3 MB2013-Aug-26 
[pdf] Lakota People's Law Project.pdf6432.3 MB2013-Aug-26 
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