Wicah’pi Cikala

(Little Star)


OLC Weekly Bulletin                                                                                      January 25-29, 2010


Enrollment tops at 1884 on Friday, January 22!


President’s Office (Thomas Shortbull)___BOT Meetings:  Finance, Thursday, February 18th @ 3:30 p.m. and Program Policy @ 4:30 p.m. at Pine Ridge, CC;  Personnel, Monday, February 22nd @ 5:00 p.m. at Piya Wiconi; BOT Meeting, Tuesday, February 23rd @ 5:00 p.m. at Piya Wiconi. 


Math & Science (J. Tinant/H. LaGarry)___Announcement from Ale Higa, Conservation Biology, Instructor/Researcher.  The first Math & Science Department Student Meeting of the Spring 2010 semester is this Friday, January 29.  WHAT TIME: 9:00am  WHERE: OLC Library (Piya Wiconi)  PRESENTERS: Various including students, staff, guest professors, and wildlife professionals WHO ARE INVITED: Everybody interested in science, wildlife, summer research/job opportunities, etc!!!  We have presentations scheduled throughout the morning and early afternoon.

AGENDA:  9:15 - 9:30, Aaron Rasor – Mammalogy, Order Rodentia, emphasis Family Sciuridae: species accounts. 9:35 - 9:50, Rhonda Kihega - Climate Change Workshop overview Workshop attended in the Fall 2009. 9:55 - 10:10, Michelle Salvatore - Isolation and Detection of Filterable Containments in Drinking Water on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  10:15 - 10:30, Aaron Rasor – Ecology Mapping and tracking occupied areas for changes in Black-tailed prairie dogs (Cynomys ludovicianus) colonies over time using satellite imagery.  10:35 - 10:50, Michael Thompson and Rhonda Kihega - Swift fox (Vulpes velox) Reintroduction Project in Pine Ridge Reservation: preliminary results.  Break: 15 minutes.  11:05 - 11:30, Dr. Hugh Quinn - Ornate Box Turtle (Terrapene ornata) Project.  Don Belile – Ecological Niche Modeling (MaxEnt).  11:35 - 12:00, Dr. Ted Firkins: Wind Cave National Park Summer 2010 Opportunities.  Potluck at the Math and Science Building.  1:15- 2:00, Michelle May: OLC Library overview: database, services, etc!  Any questions please contact Ale Higa or Tawa Ducheneaux.  HOPE TO SEE YOU!   


Bookstore (Myreen Iron Cloud)___Special announcement from the bookstore. Please welcome the newest addition to the OLC family.  Janaiya Ruthlynn Judith Metcalf was born on Sunday, January 24, 2010 at 0856.  She weighed in at 5 lbs, 13 oz. and was 19 inches long.  Her mommy is Vanessa Ferguson and daddy is Alan Metcalf.


Support Services (Lenora Hudson)___A tragic accident south of Wounded Knee claimed the lives of three siblings who were all former OLC students – Burt Kaline, Jr., Randy (Skye) Kaline, and Summer Kaline.  Please extend your condolences to their family and relatives and keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  Cards can be sent to Ms. Martyna White Hawk, PO Box 105, Manderson, SD 57756. 


Registrar (Leslie Mesteth)___New enrollment figures as of Friday, January 22nd.   Cheyenne River 238; Eagle Nest 90, East Wakpamni 42, Lacreek 67, Past Creek 34, Pejuta Haka  221, Pine Ridge 331, Pahin Sinte 124, Piya Wiconi 6, Rapid City 563, Oglala 63, Wounded Knee 105.  Total: 1884! 


Education (Tom Raymond)___PRAXIS Training Session II.  Pejuta Haka College Center.  Taku: PRAXIS Training Sessions for Education Majors only.  Tohanl:  Saturday, February 13 & Saturday, February 20.  Maza Skan Skan:  9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Tuwa:  Art Fisher, Instructor.  For more information and interested people call Lucy at 455-6012. 


Ag & Natural Resources (Leslie Henry)___Info from Julia Goings, Ag Outreach Educator.  Food Science Projects 2010.  How greasy are your potato chips? http://kidshealth.org.  Dried Foods: The Science Behind Making Light Weight Snacks www.sciencebuddies.org.  Heat Transfer and Cooking www.cookingforengineers.com.  Egg Substitute: For a family member who has experienced an allergic reaction to eggs. www.sciencebuddies.org. 


EAP/Athletics (Mary Tobacco)___January 30-31.  OLC Cantetinzapi 2nd Annual Basketball Classic.  NAU gym, Rapid City, SD.  Oglala Lakota College BRAVEHEARTS, Turtle Mountain Community College MIGHTY MIKINOCK, Sinte Gleska University EAGLES, Chief Dull Knife Community College WARRIORS.  Go to www.olc.edu for game schedule.  <><><>  February 6-7.  Invitational Basketball Tournament.  LWHS Gym, Kyle, SD.  OLC welcomes – Salish Kootenai College, Pablo, MT; NE College of Technical Agriculture, Curtis, NE; Sinte Gleska Univesity, Mission SD.  For schedule of games check out OLC website.  For more information contact:  OLC Athletics, phone 455-6026, fax 455-2787 or mtobacco@olc.edu.   Hoka Hey Bravehearts! 


Humanities & Soc. Sciences (Tony Fresquez)___Reminder from Martin Red Bear.  The Sioux Museum will host an Oglala Lakota College Student Art Show in the spring of 2010. Any present and past OLC students may submit at least two of any media.  The student can contact me via email, mredbear@olc.edu or call me at 605-341-9734.   The museum director Paulette Montileaux and myself will determine size etc. of the art pieces.  This is not a contest show but students may have their work for sale, or not.  I will be getting out more information as time goes on.  This announcement will be updated and posted at intervals next semester. 


KOLC TV (Tony Brave) Contact me with any ideas on videotaping for KOLC, tbrave@olc.edu.   Hope everyone had a good vacation and new years etc... reminder to  instruction if you would like your class videotaped for airing or other purposes please let me know. Here is the new Schedule:

  8:08am: American College Fund

    8:25am: OLC Department Presentations

   9:11am: Mni Wiconi Water Summit 2009

 11:15am: Pine Ridge Village Days Rodeo 2009

 11:57am: LNI 2009 Wrestling Finals

   1:38pm: OLC Department Presentations

   2:25pm: Census 2010 Information

   2:30pm: Denver March Pow Wow 2009

   3:29pm: American College Fund

   3:42pm: Wilmer Mesteth, Lakota Plant Series

   4:38pm: OLC Department Presentations

   5:25pm: Pine Ridge Village Days Rodeo 2009

   6:06pm: LNI 2009 Wrestling Finals

   7:48pm: American College Fund

   8:04pm: Denver March Pow Wow 2009

   9:06pm: Jane Goodall Interview

   9:27pm: Pine Ridge Village Days Rodeo 2009

 10:09pm: LNI 2009 Wrestling Finals

 11:50pm: OLC Department Presentations (Loop)


Spring 2010 Calendar (January/February/March)

Last Week to Drop 100%                                January 25-29

President’s Day (Offices Closed)                      February 15

AIHEC 2010                                                   March 21-23

Spring Break (No Classes)                               March 22-26


HULA, ETC. presents:   TAHITIAN this FRI, Jan. 29 @ 5pm - 6pm @ Math&Sci Bldg @ Piya Wiconi (here's a link of some Native Tahitian dance from the show I used to dance for in Hawaii: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvuaWqjb9ts).  WHAT TO BRING: Wear loose, stretchy clothes to exercise in; 1 bottled water; 1 small towel. WE WILL PROVIDE: mats for Pilates, Kiri will provide hip wraps for FRIDAY's Tahitian dancing, free instruction, music, etc. WEATHER: If weather and/or roads are bad, be prepared for us to postpone. Free Community Event! INSTRUCTION FOR ALL LEVELS - NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Feel free to pass the word along, but NOT through any OLC email listserve such as allstaff@olc.edu, allfaculty@olc.edu, allstudents@olc.edu, etc.  CONTACT: KIRI kclose@olc.edu, TAWA tducheneaux@olc.edu, ALI ahiga@olc.edu




25th Annual Kiyuksa Waniyetu Wacipi at Little Wound School, Kyle, SDIn the Heart of the Pine Ridge Reservation” on January 30 & 31.  Dance Categories: Tiny Tots, Jrs., Teens & Adults.  Specials: Men’s Traditional, Men’s Grass Dance.  Women’s Old Style Jingle winner take all.  Jr. Girls Jingle.  Elderly Honoring—Sunday.  Naming Ceremonies – Sunday A.M.  Announcer: Terry Fidler, Red Wing, MN and Pat Bad Hand, Two Strike, ND.  Arena Director: MJ Bull Bear.  Grand Entries: Saturday 1 pm & 7 pm, Sunday 1pm.  Saturday, Masquerade 10 pm.  Supper both days sponsored by LWS & OSTPRA.  For more information contact: MJ Bull Bear & 454-8316.


Arts & Crafts Night/Prize Bingo.  Running Sticks Tiospaye invites you and your family to a community social function.  Arts and crafts night on January 29 & 31 at the Porcupine College Center.  Our relatives, join us as we have some of the most creative people in their trade teach. We will cover Lakota quilling, beading and hand drum making.  If you wish to work along with the teachers please expect a fee for materials.  Craft/Prize: Drum-$45, Beading-$12, Quilling-$12.  Friday 6-10 p.m. will be quilling, beading and hand drum making.  Sunday 1-4 p.m. prize Bingo ad the Porcupine School.  To sign up or for more information call Nick at 407-4744.


Business Seminar.  South Dakota Center for Enterprise Opportunity presents a Business Luncheon Seminar on SBA funding programs.  February 10 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at the BHSU Campus – Student Union, Jacket Legacy Room.  Registration required by Feb. 8.  $20 fee includes lunch.  Register online: www.BHSU.edu/SDCEO or email: Chris.Coolidge@BHSU.edu.   Agenda: 11:30 a.m., Lunch; 11:45 a.m. Welcome: Helen Merriman, SD CEO Director; ll:50 a.m. Presentation: Jim Shaw, SBA Senior Area Manager; 12:20 p.m. Question and Answer Session.  Future Seminar Topics:  Marketing your business, Opportunities for women vets, Getting your business started, How to expand your business, Starting a home-based business, Understanding SBA loan guidelines, and more. 


Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA).  List of dates, places and times of free VITA sites staffed by Lakota Funds volunteers:  Jan. 15, Pine Ridge CC, 10am-4pm; Jan. 22, Pass Creek CC, Allen, 10am-4pm; Jan. 23, Pine Ridge CC, 10am-4pm; Jan. 29, Pahin Sinte CC, Porcupine 10am-4pm; Feb. 5, Eagle Nest CC, Wanblee 10am-4pm; Feb. 12 Prairie Winds Casino, 10am-4pm; Feb. 19, Wounded Knee CC, Manderson, 10am-4pm; Feb. 26, East Wakpamni CC, Batesland, 10am-4pm; Mar. 5, Community Meeting Room, Martin, 10am-4pm; Mar. 12, Pine Ridge CC, 10am-4pm.  Lakota Funds will offer free VITA tax preparation at the Trade Center in Kyle.  Please call ahead for an appointment, 455-2500.


By Leon Knight (Friend of OLC and students.)


I am a traveler                                             is a painful thing.

and not a tourist –                                                  And when I muse

for everywhere I roam,                                           of distant places,

I get to know                                                I do not think of vistas,

someone special –                                                    I remember faces.

          a brother in Botswana,                               So, as a traveler,

            a sister in Beijing.                               I always keep in mind --

Thus, leaving                                                 there is someone new

          (for a travelor,                                             ahead of me...

          not a tourist)                                      but family left behind.