Wicah’pi Cikala

(Little Star)


OLC Weekly Bulletin                                                                                       March 15-26, 2010


President’s Office (Thomas Shortbull___BOT Meetings:  Finance, Tuesday, March 23rd @ 2:30pm and Program Policy,  4:30pm at PRCC <><> Personnel, Wednesday, March 24th 5:30pm at Piya Wiconi <><> BOT Meeting, Thursday, March 25th @ 5:30pm at Piya Wiconi. 


AIHEC 2010 Annual Conference Update

AIHEC/Support Services (Lenora Hudson)___Please join me in wishing the students who are participating in the AIHEC competitions our very best, and a big thank you to the coaches. 


AIHEC 2010 Team listings


Knowledge bowl
Stephanie Sorbel

ANLSAMP Poster/Oral
A.J. Silva

Science bowl
Misty Brave

Rachael Hunter
Lynn Janis
Cassandra One Horn
Paula Vocu
Tabor White Buffalo

Dylan Brave
Rhonda Kihega
Aaron Rasor
Anthony Valella

Rebecca Bingham
Richard White
Patrick White Cow Killer
Requaw West-Pavy

Gary & Julienne Jones

Critical Inquiry
 Janice Richards

Business bowl
Lorie Broberg

Jeffrey Braden Betone

Tyson  Jack Bradford
Candace Brown
Tamatane J. I'atala
Leigh Jessica Little Finger
George Charles Hawk Wing

Kira Lyn Bruns
Kevin Killer
Garrett Little Bear Jr.
David Moves Camp
L. Respects Nothing

William White Eyes
Cassie Big Crow
Nicohle Cottier
Jessica Four Bear
Moreau Four Bear

Web page design
Jim Dudek

PowerPoint design
Tony Brave

Traditional plants
Leslie Henry
Theresa Lone Hill

Charity M. Brings Plenty

Charity M. Brings Plenty
Dakota High Hawk
Cole James Hunter
Arlo Iron Cloud
Doris L. Respects Nothing

Kelley Catches
Tracy Colman Thunder Hawk
Cassandra Palmier
Elizabeth Uses Knife
Ulrike Werner

Student Senators
Lenora Hudson

Kathy Aplan

Wilmer Mesteth
Vina White Hawk

Jacqueline Rose Mousseau
Cassandra One Horn
Althea Potter
Alicia Running Eagle
Anthony Valella
Roxanna White Plume
Aloysius Wounded Head

Jedadiah Richards
Leon Rongstad
LaDeane Young Bull Bear

Farrah Big Crow
Paulina M. Fast Horse
Edwin Harris
Lynn Janis
Kollette Medicine
Cassandra One Horn
Jerren Two Crow
Erica Weston
Isaac Weston
Jeffrey White Bear Claws
Tabor White Buffalo

Mr. and Ms. AIHEC 2010
Lenora Hudson

AIHEC Student of the Year
Lenora Hudson

Marcell Bull Bear

Anthony Valella

LeoNora I. Garcia

Charles William Eagle Bull
Sundown Jason Montileaux
Preston Davis Tuttle
Frank Yellow Hawk

Art Competition/Exhibition
Lenora Hudson



submitting art:
Kim Big Crow
Luke R. DuBray
James Star










AIHEC Booth (Theresa Lone Hill)___Ag and Natural Resources will be setting up an OLC booth at AIHEC so if anyone has any material they want to share with the other tribal colleges please drop them off at the Ag/NR office.  If you have any questions call me at 455-6085 or email tlonehill@olc.edu. 


AIHEC/Athletics (Mary Tobacco)___The lady Bravehearts will be going into the AIHEC Basketball Championships with a record of 9-13.  Seven dedicated women will represent OLC in this year’s tournament.  The Bravehearts men’s basketball team will go into the tournament with a record of 9-17.  The men’s roster will be filled with nine student-athletes. 

The teams begin traveling in October and have played nearly every weekend since the tip-off games in the southwest.  This year marks the first year OLC has competed against NJCAA schools such as Bismarck State, Sheridan College, and Gillette College. The mix of competition from Tribal Colleges to NJCAA has developed teams that are physically fit and confident.     

This year, the AIHEC Basketball Championships are being held in Santa Fe, NM March 18-21, 2010 and is hosted by the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA).  Three gyms will be used:  College of Santa Fe, Pueblo of Tesuque, Pueblo of Pojoaque.  More information and updates can be found at http://www.aihecchampionship.org/.

Good luck to the following student-athletes who have maintained a GPA of 2.00 or higher and have become full-time students:  Lady Bravehearts:  Tera Cuny, Saige Pourier, Ashley Phelps, Lisa Bear Robe, Tasheena Brown, Ruth Bell, Ellison Last Horse, Amber Sierra, Marisa Landreaux.  Bravehearts: Duggan Fast Wolf, Arthur Vitalis, Byron Bear Robe, Mark Buckman, Jeremy Buckman, Michael Apple, Maurice Brown, Tanoah Big Crow, Emerson Bobtail Bear

OLC Archery will be traveling to AIHEC in Chandler, AZ.  We would like to wish the Archery Team lots of luck: Sundown Montileaux, Preston Tuttle, Charles Eagle Bull, Frank Yellow Hawk

We would like to thank OLC Administration, staff, and all of our sponsors for supporting OLC Athletics. 


AIHEC/Oglala CC___Wishing gppd luck to our students who are participating in the AIHEC competition!  Lisa Bear Robe, Basketball Byron Bear Robe & Duggan Fast Wolf basketball. Paulina Fast Wolf, Handgames.


Math & Science (Jason Tinant/Hannan LaGarry)___Announcement from Tawa Ducheneaux.  We have an exciting opportunity with visiting instructor Carol Fialkowski form Chicago. She has done terrific sessions with Native Science Field Center in the past and will be here at the Math & Science department at Piya Wiconi this Thursday, March 18 to provide sessions on the following:  Snow and Ice Science Workshop.  Properties of snow -- 3 hours: What makes snow; Snowflake types; Make snowflake catchers for identification  (use native names for snow types?); Make snowflake slides to look at types of flakes under the microscope; Compare snowflake types to humidity and temperature, graph results; Snow profiles; Make snow cuts to see how snow compresses, forms ice flows; Explore the layers of the profile and relate to the formation of glaciers; Snow stories; Explain and explore the role of snow in native cultures.  <><> Properties of ice -- 2-3 hours:  What makes ice;  Investigate the 3 states of water; Conduct an experiment that demonstrates a unique property of water Its density.  Water is least dense when it is in a solid state (ice). That's why ice floats.  Simulate how this unique property causes "turnover" and mixing of nutrients and oxygen in lakes and ponds in the experiment; Diagram the layers of a pond in winter; Auger thru the ice of a pond or small lake; Measure the ice; Take the temperature of the water levels;   Discuss results -- was your hypothesis correct?  <><> All are welcome to attend this workshop. Carol's sessions will run from 1-3 and 3:30-5pm. If you have any other questions, please contact me.  Tawa Ducheneaux. <><><>   Announcement from Christine Stagnett-Sarmiento for IT students:  REU IN CYBERSECURITY AT DSU.  2010 Program Dates. Nine-week Summer REU program. May 31 - July 30, 2010.  Application Deadline: Saturday April 10, 2010. Notification: Saturday April 24, 2010. Arrival/Registration: Monday, May 31, 2010. Orientation: Tuesday, June 1, 2010. Last day of activities: Friday, July 30, 2010. Eligibility: Students who are U.S. citizens, nationals, or permanent residents, in their sophomore or junior year of undergraduate study in computer science, computer and network security, software engineering, information systems, or related areas, who plan to complete a degree program. Applicants must have a research interest in information assurance and security, preferable with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students with a strong research motivation but a relatively low GPA are encouraged to apply. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. REU Benefits: Students will improve their ability to formulate and solve a research problem and increase their communication proficiency in both a scientific and community context. Students will be mentored by and introduce to scholars and professionals in the Information Assurance and Computer Network Security field. - $ 4,140 stipend, - Paid round trip travel expenses, - Paid housing and meals, - Fitness Center pass, - Optional opportunities to visit South Dakota places of interest. This REU is a nine-week summer program on the Dakota State University campus in Madison, South Dakota sponsored by the National Science Foundation. www.dsu.edu/reu.  reu@dsu.edu. For your radio show today. Wishing good luck to our students who are participating in the AIHEC competition.  Lisa Bear Robe, Basketball Byron Bear Robe & Duggan Fast Wolf basketball. Paulina Fast Wolf, Handgames.



KOLC TV (Tony Brave)___Contact me with any ideas on videotaping for KOLC, tbrave@olc.edu. A reminder to instructors if you would like your class videotaped for airing or other purposes please let me know. Here is the new Schedule:

 8:08am: Teca Wacipi Okalakiciye, Red Cloud

 9:54am: The Cobell Case Presentation

11:27am: BB Girls districts, LWS vs Todd Co.

 2:22pm: BB Boy district Finals, LWS vs St. Francis

 3:47pm: Wilmer Mesteth, Creation Story

 4:29pm: Teca Wacipi Okalakiciye, Red Cloud

 6:16pm: The Cobell Case Presentation

 9:28pm: BB Girls districts, LWS vs Todd Col

10:43pm: BB Boy district Finals, LWS vs St. Francis

 1:10am: The Cobell Case Presentation


Spring 2010 Calendar (March/April)

AIHEC 2010                                                               March 21-23

Spring Break (No Classes)                                           March 22-26

Easter Holiday (Good Friday)                                       April 2

General Construction Spring Session Ends                    April 16

Registration for General Construction

    Summer Session                                                       April 19-23

General Construction Summer Session Begins   April 26


Anpetu Waste na Aloha!  Thank you to all those who 'strutted their swagger' last FRI @ hip-hop. That was a lotta fun! Here's the HULA, ETC dancercise sched this week:  1) TUES, March 16th, 8pm - 9pm @ OLC Pine Ridge College Center: SALSA! (NOTE: dance every TUES night this semester, except for when STUDENT ORG meetings are held).  2) WED, March 17th, 5pm - 6pm @ OLC Piya Wiconi - Math/Sci Dept: YOGA!  3) FRI, March 19th, 5pm - 6pm @ OLC Piya Wiconi - Math/Sci Dept: POLYNESIAN - TAHITI (fast hip shaking).  **WHAT TO BRING: 1 bottle water; 1 small towel; please wear loose, stretchy, comfy exercise clothes & shoes**  WE PROVIDE: Yoga mats; instruction (sometimes on big screen projection).** WEATHER: If weather and/or roads aren't great, we will cancel & resume dancercise the following week.**  FREE COMMUNITY EVENT - FAMILIES WELCOME!



Regional Tourism Summit.  March 25, 2010, 9am-3pm.  Prairie Winds Casino in the Dome.  Refreshments and Lunch Provided.  Open to the public – come join us with your ideas.  Sponsored by: The Oglala Oyate Woitancan Empowerment Zone.  Co-sponsored by: Alliance of Tribal Tourism Advocates (ATTA), the OST Economic Development Office, Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce and the Oglala Sioux Parks and Recreation Authority.  A public comment forum will also be held concerning the Wounded Knee Memorial Project and the Administration for Native Americans—ANA—Tourism Project.  Public comments are welcome.  This is an opportunity to share input, voice concerns and express interests in our Reservation and surrounding areas for our tourism industry.  We encourage any and all individuals, businesses and vendors to join us.  Contact Alyssa or Echo for more information.  Oglala Oyate Woitancan Empowerment Zone.  Phone: 605-455-1570, Fax: 605-455-1571, Email: oowez@gwtc.net.


The Freedom Forum is recruiting participants for the annual American Indian Journalism Institute at the University of South Dakota, June 16-25, 2010.  Students are eligible if they have completed at least one year of college and have a passion for journalism.  Instructions and downloadable application forms are available online at www.freedomforumdiversity.org or by emailing Janine Harris at jharris@freedomforum.org.  The application deadline is March 19.  


Salmon Walk Logo Contest.  Hello.  For those of you who do not know me my name is Wenix Red Elk. I am the Public Outreach & Education Specialist for the Umatilla Confederated Tribes in Pendleton Oregon.  I am sending out a request for help for distribution of our 2010 Salmon Walk logo. If you could post around your college campus, business, or forward it to someone who is an artist or students that would be great.  I targeted many colleges because when I was a student I relished at opportunities to earn a little extra. No matter what the requirements. Thank you for your time and help getting the work out.  Wenix Red Elk, Public Outreach  Education Specialist, DNR/CTUIR, wenixredelk@ctuir.com/.  Direct line & Fax (541) 429-7219.