Wicah’pi Cikala

(Little Star)


Weekly Bulletin                                    February 13-17, 2012



President’s Office (Thomas Shortbull)___February 20th is a holiday in observance of President’s Day.  Classes will be held as usual.  <><><>  In observance of the tribally established holiday “Indigenous People’s Day,” February 25th non-faculty employees will have the option of taking administrative leave, either on Friday, February 24th, or any day of the week of February 27-March 2nd.  All offices must be staffed on these days.  You must receive your supervisor’s approval on which day you will be taking administrative leave.  Classes should be held as usual.  <><><>  February BOT meetings:  Program Policy on Tuesday, February 28 @ Noon and Finance @ 2:00 p.m. at the PRCC;  Personnel on Wednesday, February 29 @ 5:00 p.m. at Piya Wiconi; Thursday, March 1 @ 5:00 p.m. at PRCC.


Education (Tom Raymond)___Directors & Counselors.  There will be a study session for the Praxis II exams at Pejuta Haka College Center on Monday, February 20, 2012.  The session will be from 11:00am to 3:00pm.  The session will be led by Shannon Amiotte and Rainey Benson and will include: 1) a general overview of the Praxis exam; 2) taking the ECH or Elementary Praxis II Content Area exam; 3) development of study plans; and 4) general review/overview of PLT exam.  By attending a study session, you will be eligible to have the fees for your Praxis exam paid for through Dakota Assets. If you are interested in attending this session, please notify Shannon Amiotte, Rainey Benson, or Lucy Bull Bear as soon as possible.  Thanks, Rainey Benson, 455-6012.


Math & Science (J. Tinant/Dr. H. LaGarry)___News from Helene Gaddie, Environmental Service Coordinator, M&S Dept.,  455-6004  <><><>   Feb. 4, 11, & 18:  Three week series of day camps aka Winter Camp.  Participants will learn about Lakota Star Knowledge & Lakota mathematics through bead work.  The SEMAA AEL Lab will also be open to explore the Flight Simulator and learn about NASA.  All ages are welcome to attend.  Contact Helene Gaddie or Michelle Salvatore.  <><><>  Feb. 17:  Winter Gathering at the M&S Bldg  on PW campus. Topics of Lakota Star Knowledge, Lakota Food Science and research updates from Math & Science Dept. are on the agenda.  A traditional meal will be served at noon.  Everyone is welcome and all interested in the topics of Lakota Astronomy are urged to attend.  <><><>  Feb. 23-27 the M&S students/interns will be traveling to Ft. Collins, CO to participate in the Annual “Little Shop of Physics Open House.” This will be the 3rd year OLC will be attending this thrilling event.  It is one of the largest Informal Science Outreach in the country.  OLC M&S Dept. is on the agenda with LSOP and will be doing onstage Physics presentations to more than 250 people.  Very exciting!  <><><>   March 2, the 2nd Annual STEM Career Fair will take place at the Multipurpose bldg. on the Piya Wiconi campus.  <><><>   March 6:  OLC M&S Dept. & Little Shop of Physics will be the Keynote Speakers for the “Women into Science Conference” to be held at the SDSM&T.  It is a one day conference in Rapid City, SD for 400 girls 6-12.  The mission is to provide youth with engaging opportunities to learn about careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through education, mentoring and community support.  Helene Gaddie, Misty Brave and students Wendy Greene, Michelle Lebeau & Rebecca Bingham are the Keynote Speakers from OLC.  <><><>  The Science Club meets at Wounded Knee CC each week on Wednesday. <><><>  March 30, 2012, Science Outreach at the Mother Butler Center in Rapid City, SD.  <><><>  Tentative meeting dates, mandatory for all interns: February 17, March 16, April 20, May 11.  Mid-May will be the OSSPEEC or PEEC Internship kickoff.   


Athletics (Mary Tobacco)___BB SCORES:  OLC v. NEBRASKA COLLEGE OF TECHNICAL AGRICULTURE  OLC Lady Bravehearts 64, NCTA 67.  Bekka Ten Fingers 8, Ashley Bagola 0, Steph Cuny 0, Cenedra Morrison 9, Kelsey Brave Eagle 8, Veronica Richards 12, Erin Brave Heart 6, Desirae Blacksmith 21. OLC Bravehearts 109, NCTA 71.  Tyson Heart 38, Russell Running Hawk 4, Leon Brewer 7, Tim Has No Horse 5, Brennan Montgomery 20, Cruz Watson 0, Andy Brown 0, Michael Apple 33.  Game played on February 10, 2012 at Curtis, Nebraska.  <><><>  OLC INVITATIONAL BASKETBALL RESULTS, February 11, 2012.  OLC Lady Bravehearts 73, Navajo Technical College 62.   Becka Ten Fingers 12, Alyssa Looks Twice 14, Steph Cuny 0, Kelsey Brave Eagle 7, Cenedra Morrison 17, Desiarae Blacksmith 8, Ashley Bagola 0, Erin Brave Heart 2, Veronica Richards 11.  Bravehearts 106, Navajo Tech 80.  Tyson Heart 14, Spur Pourier 17, Michael Apple 9, Leon Brewer 15, Willis Zephier 13, TJ McCauley 29, Russell Running Hawk 2, Andy Brown 0, Brennon Montgomery 7, Cruz Watson 0, Arlin Cuny 0, Josh Mousseaux 0.  Lady Bravehearts 76, Ft. Berthold 62.  Becka Ten Fingers 19, Alyssa Looks Twice 26, Steph Cuny 0, Kelsey Brave Eagle 8, Cenedra Morrison 4, Desiarae Blacksmith 11, Ashley Bagola 0, Erin Brave Heart 3, Veronica Richards 5.  Bravehearts 117, Ft. Berthold 80.  Tyson Heart 26, Spur Pourier 8, Michael Apple 16, Leon Brewer 15, Willis Zephier 12, TJ McCauley 26, Russell Running Hawk 0, Andy Brown 3, Brennon Montgomery 6, Cruz Watson 0, Arlin Cuny 0, Josh Mousseaux 5.  <><><>  OLC Basketball travels to Newtown, ND on February 18.  Next home game February 22, 2012 at OLC's Multipurpose Building – OLC v. Little Big Horn College:  5:00pm women's game, 7:00pm men's game.  Free admission to all home games!  Visit www.olc.edu for game schedules. 

OLC Basketball Schedule: 

Date               Time                           Opponent                                        Location

Feb. 18            2:00 (W), 4:00 (M)      Ft. Berthold Comm. College              Newtown, ND

Feb. 22            5:00 (W), 7:00 (M)     Little Big Horn College                     HOME

Feb. 23            6:00 (W)                     Lake Region State College               HOME

Feb. 25            1:00 (W), 3:00 (M)      Sinte Gleska University                      Mission, SD

Feb. 29            6:00 CST (W)              Lake Region State College                 Devils Lake, ND

Feb. 29            8:00 (M)                      Lake Region State College               HOME

Free admission to all home games.  Visit www.olc.edu for season game schedule. 

Athletics Director & Women’s Basketball Coach: Mary Tobacco (605) 455-2985, fax (605) 455-2987, Text (605) 454-5632.   Men’s Basketball Coach: Beau LeBeaux 455-2985, blebeau@olc.edu.  For schedules, scores, rosters and further updates visit Athletics at www.olc.edu.   


AIHEC ANNOUNCEMENTS: 31st Annual AIHEC Conference, March 24-27, 2012,  Best Western Ramkota in Rapid City, SD.   Theme: “Honor the Drum.” 

Archery Shoot at Multipurpose Building Kyle, SD, Feb, 19th 2012.  Traditional & 3D Targets/ Honor System.  $10.00 Entry Fee/ OLC students free.  Catogories-Jr High, High School, OLC Students, Community.  Sharpshooter Contest (Recurve, Compound).  $2.00 entry fee.  Awards – Teeshirts, other T.B.A.  OLC Students –can organize an Archery Team from their home district, your scores will start qualifing you for the OLC team presenting at AIHEC in March.  We need more women shooters.  Sponsored by OLC Archery Team & AIHEC Committee.  Contact Joe Flood, Marcel Bull Bear, mabullbear@olc.edu.

AIHEC Handgame practice schedule:  All practice dates fall on a Friday.  Feb. 17 @ 5pm at PHCC.  Feb. 24 @ 5pm at WKCC.  Mar. 2 @ 5pm at WKCC.  Mar. 9 @ 5pm at PHCC.  Mar. 16 @ 5pm at WKCC.   Criteria will determine the process of elimination for selection.  Maximum of 12 team members and 2 alternates will be selected before the deadline of March 2, 2012.  GPA of 2.0 or better, full or part-time enrollment, mastery of the game, singing ability, attendance, participation, team spirit, student conduct contract must be signed.  AIHEC Handgame Coach: Vina White Hawk, 867-5352, cell   685-3401 or vwhitehawk@olc.edu.  AIHEC Handgame Coordinator: Wilmer Mesteth.  

AIHEC National Basketball Championships, March 21-25, 2012, 2012 AIHEC National Basketball Championships March 21-25, 2012 Hosted by Oglala Lakota College, Ice Arena, Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Rapid City, SD.  Team check-in March 21st.    <><><>  AIHEC Volleyball Try-Outs (CO-ED):  March 3, 2012   1pm  Piya Wiconi  <><><>  Schedule to be announced. Contact:  Mary Tobacco @ 605-455-2985, 605-454-5632 or mtobacco@olc.edu. 


KOLC-TV  (Kathy Aplan/Tony Brave)___ New this week on KOLC-TV! The Hot Springs VA medical center is facing a potential closure and area veterans from both on and off the reservation gather in Wanblee, South Dakota to let their voices be heard on the potential burden the closure could cause. So please check it out and listen to what our veterans have to say!  <><><>  President Obama recently rejected the permit of the Keystone XL Pipeline but the project is still alive. So activists, ranchers, and concerned citizens from across the country gather at the Mother Butler Center in Rapid City for the "Stop the Keystone XL Rally". Check out this two part series to see and hear the latest developments.    <><><>  KOLC Sports___This week we have a full slew of games from the hardwood! Both the boys and girls Pine Ridge Thorpes host the Crow Creek Chieftains in a double header from Waziahanhan! Can the Lady Thorpes end Crow Creek's nine game win streak in their final home game? We also have the boys Red Cloud Crusaders traveling to St. Thomas More to match up with Cavaliers and the Little Wound Lady Mustangs host the Cheyenne Eagle Butte Braves and the St. Francis Warriors.  Thanks again to KILI Radio for their sports commentary!
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday
8:08am: Hot Springs VA Veterans Meeting
10:26am: 2012 Girls High School Basketball: Pine Ridge Lady Thorpes vs. Crow Creek Lady Chieftains
12:01pm: Stop the Keystone XL Rally Part 1
2:24pm: 2012 Boys High School Basketball: Pine Ridge Thorpes vs. Crow Creek  Chieftains
4:00pm: Hot Springs VA Veterans Meeting
6:19pm: 2012 Girls High School Basketball: Pine Ridge Lady Thorpes vs. Crow Creek Lady Chieftains
8:01pm: Stop the Keystone XL Rally Part 1
10:25pm: 2012 Boys High School Basketball: Pine Ridge Thorpes vs. Crow Creek  Chieftains
Wednesday Friday Sunday
8:08am: Stop the Keystone XL Rally Part 2
10:03am: 2012 Girls High School Basketball: Little Wound Lady Mustangs vs. Eagle Butte Lady Braves
11:14am: 2012 Girls High School Basketball: Little Wound Lady Mustangs vs. St. Francis Lady Warriors
12:19pm: Hot Springs VA Veterans Meeting
2:37pm: 2012 Boys High School Basketball: Red Cloud Crusaders vs. St. Thomas More Cavaliers
3:48pm: 2012 Girls High School Basketball: Little Wound Lady Mustangs vs. Eagle Butte Lady Braves
5:00pm: Stop the Keystone XL Rally Part 2
6:55pm: 2012 Girls High School Basketball: Little Wound Lady Mustangs vs. St. Francis Lady Warriors
7:59pm: 2012 Boys High School Basketball: Red Cloud Crusaders vs. St. Thomas More Cavaliers
9:10pm: Hot Springs VA Veterans Meeting
11:28pm: Stop the Keystone XL Rally Part 2
Jesse ShortBull, Production Assistant KOLC-TV (605)-455-6102

Fall 2011/Spring 2012 Schedule (February/March)

President’s Day (Offcs Closed/Classes Held)                        February 20

Spring Break (No Classes)                                          March 26-30

AIHEC 2012 (Rapid City)                                         March 24-27


Student Internships:

USGS Student Interns in Support of Native American Relations (SISNAR) Program FY 2012 RFP.  The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) seeks student interns to participate in USGS research with the goal of encouraging students to pursue careers in natural or related sciences that may be helpful in natural-resource management for Indian Tribes. The internship program is designed to strengthen relationships between the USGS and Tribal Governments. Student interns are not required to be Native American; any application that potentially benefits American Indian or Alaska Native Tribal Governments will be considered; however, applicants are asked to explain whether they attempted to recruit Native American students as interns. Centers are encouraged to financially support their SISNAR interns’ attendance at one scientific conference (separate from SISNAR funds), which may take place after the end of the internship, if necessary.  (1) The USGS Tribal Liaison Team (http://www.usgs.gov/indian/contacts.html) will evaluate internship applications and award up to $10,000 per intern, with a maximum of $10,000 per research project. SISNAR funds may not be utilized as financial support for students attending a college or university, or for overhead costs. (2)  Proposals are due by COB February 17, 2012, and should be submitted by the USGS Project Leader to the National Tribal Liaison at SISNAR@usgs.gov with a copy to the Cost Center Director of the applicant.  Applicants and their Cost Center Directors will be notified of funding decisions by March 21, 2012


The Udall Scholarship<http://udall.gov/OurPrograms/MKUScholarship/MKUScholarship.aspx>: This $5,000 scholarship is awarded to 80 undergraduate sophomores and juniors pursuing careers related to Tribal Public Policy, Native Health Care, or the Environment (you must be a Native American/Alaska Native to be eligible in the first two categories). Udall Scholars also get to attend the Udall Scholar Orientation and are immediately plugged into a growing and active alumni network. Native American Congressional Internship<http://udall.gov/OurPrograms/NACInternship/NACInternship.aspx>: This ten-week summer internship in Washington, DC is for Native American and Alaska Native students who wish to learn more about the federal government and issues affecting Indian Country. The internship is fully funded: the Foundation provides round-trip airfare, housing, per diem for food and incidentals, and a stipend at the close of the program. Scholarship application information is available at http://www.udall.gov.   Please contact me if you are interested in applying.  Pilamiya ye,  Helene Gaddie, Environmental Service Coordinator, Math and Science Department, Oglala Lakota College, P.O. Box 490, Kyle, SD 57750, (605) 455-6004 office, (605) 455-2603 fax.


Tribal Energy Program – Summer Internship Program.  U.S. Department of Energy.  Application Postmarked: February 17, 2012.  Location: Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM.  Internship Duration: 12 weeks.  Current college upper-classmen/women and graduate students who are familiar with Native American Culture and tribal issues, are needed to support the Tribal Energy Program efforts with technical project tasks.  Specific renewable energy is required. To apply, download the attached application form and send it to the attention of:  Sandra K. Begay-Campbell, Sandia National Laboratories, PO Box 5800, MS-0734. 505-844-5418.  skbegay@sandia.gov.  For more information on the internship program, including Eligibility, Requirements, Application Instructions, Salary & Relocation Expenses see the Tribal Energy Program website and the application form. 


 CAREER DISCOVERY INTERNSHIP PROGRAM.  Paid Internship with US Fish & Wildlife Service & The Student Conservation Association.  Designed for First and Second Year Students.  ALL MAJORS:  SCA and the US Fish and Wildlife Service have over 50 new paid internships in the Career Discovery Internship Program designed to provide people with ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds the chance to learn about conservation science, management and career options through “real world” projects.  The positions themselves are diverse: from interacting with the public through visitor services to wildlife surveys, invasive species control, resource management – and more. These are SCA expense-paid internships with the usual housing and roundtrip travel provided.  A list of internships will be sent when available.  THE DETAILS:  • Designed for students of ethnically diverse backgrounds.  • 12 week positions at US Fish and Wildlife Service Refuges • An additional week of training at one of two central locations • Living allowance of $400.00/week • Housing and transportation provided • Preference is for first and second year college students • Must be a college student for all of 2012-13 school year • Must be available either from 5/21/2012 to 8/17/2012 or 5/28/2012 to 8/24/2012. • Must be a US Citizen.  APPLICATION PROCESS:  Start your “Internship/Corps” application with the Student Conservation Association online in MySCA (http://mysca.force.com/member [1]).  Next send us an email message at admissions@thesca.org [2] with the subject “Career Discovery Internship” and ask for us to waive the application fee.  We will also send you a list of the internship positions available.  Contact 603-543-1700, Ext 1499 or admissions@thesca.org [3]  with your questions.  Whether you’re just interested in learning more about conserving the natural world or deeply involved in scientific research through your academic program, apply now to get hands-on experience.  Mike Maher, Campus Recruiting Manager, The Student Conservation Association, 689 River Road / PO Box 550, Charlestown, NH 03603-0550, www.thesca.org.