Wicah’pi Cikala

(Little Star)

“Rebuilding the Lakota Nation through Education”


Weekly Bulletin                                          April 22-26, 2013


President’s Office (Tom Shortbull)___April BOT meetings: Thursday, April 25, Program Policy @ Noon and Finance at 1:00pm at the PRCC.  Monday, April 29; Personnel @ 5:00pm at Piya Wiconi;  Tuesday, April 30, Board of Trustees @ 5:00pm at Piya Wiconi 


VP for Instruction (Dr. Ursula Gaertner)___Reminder:  The team representing the Higher Learning Commission (HCL) of the North Central Association of Colleges & Schools will be at OLC for their comprehensive evaluation visit on May 6-8, 2013.  The team will review the institution’s ongoing ability to meet the Commission’s Criteria for Accreditation and Assumed Practices.  OLC has been accredited by the Commission since 1983. 


Math & Science (Dr. Hannan LaGarry)___The 12th Annual Reservation Wide Science Fair will be held May 2-9, 2013 in the Multipurpose Building. JUDGING IS MAY 3, 2013 from 10-4.  15 schools on the reservation and surrounding areas have been invited to participate. Last year 11 of the 15 invited schools participated. This year’s participation will probably increase as it has ever year. In the 2012 Fair, there were over 160 projects made by 560 K-12 students. All participants receive a ribbon and a certificate. The colors of ribbons will indicate how they were ranked. The projects that receive the most points for each grade level are deemed “Best of the Best”. K-3 grades receive pizza parties and grades 4-12 receive I-Pod Shuffles for their hard work!  Our judges are from OST environmental programs (Land Office, EPA and Natural Resources); most of them have science degrees, participated in science fairs in their K-12 experiences and AIHEC competition. We have used our interns and science and math faculty as well. Because the fair is so big we NEVER have enough judges. Would you please put this date on your calendar and consider judging. You don’t have to judge every project; you will be given a smaller number.  Send me an email to verify you participation!  Misty Brave mbrave@olc.edu. 

Congratulations to Sunny Clifford, 2012 OLC graduate who received the 2013 People’s Choice Marie C. Wilson Emerging Leader Gloria Award through the Ms. Foundation.  From web site: “Sunny, an indigenous Lakota from the Pine Ridge Reservation in SD, has shown bold and courageous leadership in the fight to ensure that emergency contraception is included in IHS clinics.  While available nationwide, emergency contraception is often unavailable on reservations.  She introduced a petition on Change.org demanding that IHS make emergency contraceptives available on reservations upon request. Sunny has gained national respect for her reproductive justice activism in the Native American community. She is the subject of an upcoming documentary and is an important voice for change.  We are honored to celebrate Sunny and her fantastic advocacy. Read more about her work and her interest in women’s rights on our blog  (Editor:  So far over118,000 signed off on her petition.)


Woksape Tipi (Michelle May)___HO KIWITAPI is the link to keep you in the know……about library and other stuff……check it out…link is just below the tipi on the library web page…….happy days for all of us….and stay safe friends.   <><><>  OLC Library Outreach Schedule.  Contact: Theresa Bettelyoun, tbettelyoun@olc.edu.  Please note: I will not be in the college centers libraries on holidays that Piya Wiconi observes.  April 22-26, 2013, College Centers:

Monday- (AM) PHCC 9:30- 12:00 – (PM) PCCC 1:00-3:00

Tuesday- EWCC 10:00-12:00.   Wednesday- HSCC 10:30-2:30

Thursday- Pine Ridge Nursing 10:00-12:00.   Friday - Woksape Tipi


Graduate Studies (Dr. Frank)___The Graduate Studies Department is accepting applications NOW for spring 2013 entry in Lakota Leadership and Management and Lakota Leadership and Management: Education Administration degree programs.  We will not accept any late applications.  Applications accepted later than April 26, 2013 will not be reviewed.  http://olc.edu/local_links/grad_studies/admissions.  ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS.  Candidates must meet the following entrance requirements before being accepted to a degree program as pre admission status.  <> A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution. <> A 2.50 cummulative GPA. <> A 3.00 GPA in undergraduate major field in 300 or higher level coursework. <> A 3.00 GPA in all undergraduate Language Arts coursework. <>  Submit and receive a rating of 8 equivalent to .42 or higher on each writing sample: Autobiography and Philosophy of leadership. Writing sample criteria must be in APA style writing.   Lakota Leadership & Management (LAKM) entrance requirements: <> 2 yrs of experience working with for profit or nonprofit organizations, and/or community organizations, and/or grassroots community.  <> Autobiography writing prompt located online at: http://olc.edu/local_links/grad_studies/docs/LakM_autobiography_scoring_rubric.pdf. <> Philosophy of Leadership writing prompt located online at http://olc.edu/local_links/grad_studies/docs/LakM_philosopy_and_vision_of_l;eadership_scoring_rubric.pdf.   Lakota Leadership & Management: Education Administration (LMEA) entrance requirements: <> Received an undergraduate educational bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.  <> 3 yrs of verified teaching experience at the elementary level and/or secondary level on a valid elementary and/or secondary teachers certification or another endorsement which includes elementary and/or secondary grades.  Two years must include classroom teaching.  <> A current and valid teaching certificate in elementary or secondary education.  <> Autobiography writing prompt located online at: http://olc.edu/local_links/grad_studies/docs/LMEA_autogiography_scoring_ruric.pdf.  <> Philosophy of Leadership writing prompt located on line at: http://olc.edu/local_links/grad_studies/docs/LMEA__philosophy_and_vision_of_leadership_scoring_rubric.pdf.   ADMISSION PROCEDURES.  Admission protocol for both the Lakota Leadership and Management (LAKM) and Lakota Leadership and Management: Education Administration (LMEA). Prospective students must apply for acceptance into one of the degree programs by completing and submitting the following: <> Graduate application <> $15.00 application fee <> Submit all official transcripts specifying the date the degree was conferred <> Degree of Indian blood or lineage form <> current resume <> Copy of current and valid teaching certificate in elementary or secondary education (for LMEA degree only) <> Three (3) reference letters from employers, community members, or colleagues.  For more information contact: Dawn Frank at 455-6006, dfrank@olc.edu or Diane Cournoyer at 455-6128, dcournoyer@olc.edu. 


Ag/Nat.Resources (Leslie Henry)___Gathering of Elders 2013.  Elderly Issues to be Addressed:  <> Establishment of OST Elderly Protection Team <> Plan of Work <> Review OST Elderly Abuse Code 2013.  Volunteer to Oglala Elderly Protection Team.  Presentation and participation in discussion, inviting ALL elders, grant writers and Lakota Interpreters.  Meetings are scheduled for each Thursday of the month. May 2:  Sacred Heart Church, Pine Ridge, 1:00-4:00pm.  May 16: Oglala CC, Oglala SD, 1:00-4:00pm.  May 30: LaCreek CC, Martin SD, 1:00-4:00pm.  June 6:  Prairie Wind Casino DOME, Oglala SD, 10:00am to 2:00pm.   All interested in attending the scheduled meetings are welcome to attend.  For more info:  Stanley Star Comes Out, sstarcomesout@hotmail.com; Percy White Plume 454-2495 or 455-1326; RaeAnn Red Owl 867-8126; Marvin Goings Mgoings07@yahoo.com;  Julia Goings 455-6121; Wilma Thin Elk 454-1400; Kathy Eagle Hawk 407-6063; Birgil Kills Straight bkillsstraight@yahoo.com. 


Activities Committee:  Graduation & Wacipi is just around the corner!  Please note the sign-up sheet on the swinging door at the Piya Wiconi main building for sponsorship to the various categories at the graduation powwow.  There are forms available to sign up for payroll deduction – the sooner you start deductions the better – less will be deducted from each check.   Pilamayaye!  


KOLC (Tony Brave)___ Anpetu Waste Lakota Oyate.  This week O.L.C. Bravehearts Men's basketball from A.I.H.E.C. 2013 at Fon Du Lac Community College, The Bravehearts play Stone Child, Black Feet, Northwestern Indian College, and Turtle Mountain in pool play and bracket tournament. The second installment of Celebration of Life of Russel Means memorial. Lakota Culture Class with Wilmer Mesteth, second part of Lakota kinship.

  7:11 am Lakota Culture Class, Inter-tribal relations

  9:08 am Lakota Culture Class, Lakota Kinship 2

10:50 am Basketball, Men's, O.L.C. versus N.W.I.C. 

11:51 pm Basketball, Men's, O.L.C. versus Stone Child College

12:59 pm Basketball, Men's, O.L.C. versus Turtle Mountain Community College

  2:30 pm Basketball, Men's, O.L.C. versus Black Feet Community College

  3:59 pm O.S.T. Health Administration's Cancer Rally 2012

  7:00 pm Lakota Culture Class, Lakota Kinship 2

  8:41 pm Basketball, Men's, O.L.C. versus Stone Child College

  9:47 pm Basketball, Men's, O.L.C. versus Turtle Mountain Community College

11:20 pm O.L.C. Nursing Certificate Ceremony

Wopila Tanka, Terry Little White Man, Production Assistant, KOLC-TV.  If you have any events you want filmed please contact us at: kolctv@gmail.com or on facebook, kolctv.olc@facebook.com


Spring 2013 Calendar (April/May/June): 

April 26                       Application to Graduate Program Due

May 3                          General Construction Spring Session Ends

May 12                        Regular Classes End Sunday

May 13                        General Construction Summer Session Ends

May 17                        Faculty’s Last Day

May 13-17                   Make-up Period

May 18                        Grades Due

May 27                        Memorial Day (Offices Closed)

May 31                        Last Day for Chairs

June 21-23                   Wacipi & Graduation

June 21                        Last Day for Support Staff (24 PP)



The LAKOTA WAYS 1st Annual Wholesale Market  is being held on May 1, 2013, 10am-5pm. at Parrish Hall (OLL) in Porcupine, SD.  We are no longer receiving submissions for FREE TABLES for this year.  You can, however, book for next year! LAKOTA WAYS will hold Wholesale Indian Crafts Markets on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation every year from now on (and we feel every district should have the opportunity to host per year).  Tables will remain free for our Northern Great Plains enrolled, approved, invited - as they should be.  Feel free to check out the beginning stage of our website for LAKOTA WAYS: http://www.lakotaways.com/#  Call for questions if you would like.  Contact: Kiri Close, 308-360-0668 or kclose@olc.edu.   


Lakota Federal Credit Union.  Join us in celebration!  You are invited to the Lakota Federal Credit Union’s grand opening celebration.  Join us on this special occasion as we commemorate the advances in our local economy and the accomplishments of our community members.  Grand Opening Celebration, Friday May 3, 2013, 11:00am – 1:00pm.  Please RSVP by April 25, 2013 to Whitney O’Rourke at whitney@lakotafcu.org, 605-455-1515. 


ARMY, NAVY, USMC, USAF, SD National Guard  Attention, Attention,  I am using the word attention  because all veterans know what that means. All veterans at Sioux San hospital if you are interested in being on the honor guard for the 75th Sioux San Anniversary, on the 14th of June 2013,  call Roger at 355-2306 or Dean Little Dog at 355-2213.  The honor guard will post the flags and retry the flags, so you will have to be here all day:  1 US Flag Carrier, 1 I.H.S. Flag Carrier, 1 MIA /POW Flag Carrier, 1 State Flag Carrier.  Thank you, Roger Two Crow, Security. 


First Peoples Fund.  2014 Community Spirit Awards Call for Nominations.    The Community Spirit Awards is a national fellowship award for American Indian/Alaska Native or Native Hawaiian artists. First Peoples Fund chooses honorees for their commitment to sustaining the cultural values of native people. The process of bringing spirit back to community is an important responsibility for artists - it is part of a sacred honor system. First Peoples Fund works to strengthen that honor system by recognizing these exceptional artists for knowing themselves, honoring others, and sustaining spirit in their own communities. Nominees must be: Practicing artists of demonstrated maturity in their field. Continually practicing artists for a minimum of 10 years. Documented affiliate of a United States tribe. (Alaska Native or Native Hawaiian included!)Note: In addition to Visual Arts, First Peoples recognizes contemporary and traditional forms of Performing Arts and Literary Arts. Nomination Procedure: Nominate online at First Peoples Fund or send a postcard to include complete names and addresses of both nominee and nominator to PO Box 2977, Rapid City, SD 57709 Nominated candidates must be from an American Indian community. Applications will be mailed out after nomination deadline has passed. DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS:  MAY 31, 2013.  Selection Process and Expectations: A national selection committee will review nominees and select awardees from those that meet the outlined qualifications. Fellowship recipients will receive $5,000 designed to give them the opportunity to "practice their art."  Miranne Walker, First Peoples Fund, 706 W. Blvd, Rapid City, SD 57701, 605-348-0324, miranne@firstpeoplesfund.org.  <><><>  First Peoples Fund:  2014 Artist in Business Leadership Call for Applications.  September 1, 2013 Deadline.  2014 Cultural Capital Grant Call for Applications.  September 1, 2013 Deadline.  Visit website for application for both at www.firstpeoplesfund.org.  For more information phone 605-348-0324 or email miranne@firstpeoplesfund.org.