Wicah’pi Cikala

(Little Star)


Weekly Bulletin                                                 June 17-21, 2013



President’s Office (Tom Shortbull)___ Little Big Horn Holiday.  Due to the fact that the Little Big Horn Holiday falls on Tuesday, June 25, OLC will give 24 pay periods employees the option of taking any day from June 17th – 21st, 2013 as their Little Big Horn Holiday. The 26 pay period employees have the option of taking any day from June 17th – 28th. There is a requirement that all offices of the college must be manned on each day and this will require you to coordinate your schedules with your fellow office workers.   The day you take off will be a paid holiday.  <><><>   June BOT Meetings.  June 18, Program Policy @ Noon & Finance @ 1:00pm at PRCC; June 19, Personnel @ 4:00pm at Piya Wiconi; June 20, BOT @ 5:00pm at Piya Wiconi. 


Business Office:  Special announcement from Maria Albers, Office Manager:  Please help us welcome to the OLC tiospaye, Dylan Anthony Brave Jr. born June 14th, 2013 at 3:08 am. He was a whopping 8lbs 8 oz. and 19 inches long. Proud parents Desi Charging Crow (our very own accounts payable goddess of the prairie) and Dylan Brave. And also congratulations to staff membersTony and Misty Brave the proud grandparents.  The gift tree is set up in the business office. 


Activities Committee:  Graduation Wacipi.  We are still signing up sponsors for the various dance categories at the graduation Powwow.  The sign-up sheet is located on the swinging doors at the Piya Wiconi main building.  How about honoring or remembering a relative or friend with a sponsorship in their name?  You will both be recognized throughout the powwow.  Thank you to the ENC Student Org & Student Senate, and to those individuals that have already signed up:  Diane Amiotte, Steven Potter, Ursula Gaertner, Tom Allen, Alva Good Crow, Kateri Montileaux, TSS (?), Tawa Ducheneaux, Theresa Bettelyoun, Marilyn Pourier, Tom Raymond, Shannon Amiotte, Wanda Reddy, Registrar/Financial Aid Staff, Shirley Brewer, Andy Thompson, Laurie Dunn, Maria Albers, Theresa Lone Hill, Sharon Running Hawk & Family and Shirley Lewis.  Pilamayaye! 


Athletics (Mary Tobacco)___The Multipurpose Gym is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday from 9:30am-3:00pm until June 19, 2013.  Open for basketball, walking, running, weights, treadmill, elliptical and bike.  Call or text 454-5632 if you have any questions. 


Pejuta Haka CC (Steph Sorbel)___Youth Leadership Training.  June 19, 20 & 21 from 9-4 pm at Pejuta Haka College Center.  Open to all kids Middle School through High School.  For more information please call Steve 454-2218. 

Technology SS (Cliff DeLong)___ Technology Support Services is pleased to announce the deployment of 260 new workstations in all of the college center’s computer labs.  They are HP Compaq 6305 MT PCs with Windows 8 Professional, Office 2013 Professional Plus, A10-5800 quad-core processors, Radeon 7660D Discrete Graphics Processing Units and 8 gigabytes of RAM!  Also, TSS upgraded 80 laptops in the carts with Windows 8 Pro and Office 2013 Pro Plus.  Finally, each of the college center’s workgroup servers were replaced with HP ML310e Gen 8 Servers that contain quad-core Xeon processors, 16 gigabytes of RAM, 2 terabytes of storage, with Windows Server 2012 as an operating system.  Director, Technology, cdelong@olc.edu,  Offc: 605.455.6079,  Cell: 605.455.1713, Fax:  605.455.6103. 

Woksape Tipi (Michelle May)___ See the “Build Your Own Library 2013” June and July Schedule at the bottom of the bulletin.  The annual “Build Your Own Library” Summer reading program is back!  Story time and free books will be given out at this time.  See the dates and times the program will be in your community. 

KOLC TV (Tony Brave)___ Anpetu Waste Lakota Oyate.  This week KOLC-TV is bringing you 2013 ALL-STAR Middle School Boy's and Girl's basketball. Pine Ridge High School Graduation 2013. Oceti Sakowin Meeting, Thursday Morning, will open the day. Followed by Lakota Oral Literature Class Spring 2013 Stories told by Wilmer Mesteth. His stories include, Eagle Man, Falling Star Boy, Devil's Lake, Evil Buffalo (Tatanka Gashinya), and The Creation Story.

  7:12 am Oceti Sakowin Meeting, Thursday Morning

  9:57 am Lakota Oral Literature Class Spring 2013, Eagle Man,Devil's Lake, Evil Buffalo (Tatanka Gashinya)

12:46 Pm Basketball, Middle School, Boy's, 2013 ALL-STAR Game

  2:00 Pm Red Ink Celebration at PRCC in Kyle

  2:59 Pm Basketball, Middle School, Girl's, 2013 ALL-STAR Game

  4:22 Pm Lakota Oral Literature Class Spring 2013, Falling Star Boy

  5:39 Pm Pine Ridge High School Graduation 2013

  7:46 Pm Lakota Oral Literature Class Spring 2013, The Creation Story Part 1

10:58 Pm Lakota Oral Literature Class Spring 2013, The Creation Story part 2

Wopila Tanka, KOLC-TV staff. 


Summer Artist Series (Marilyn Pourier)___OLC opened its 10th Annual “A Vision of Our History by Lakota Artists” summer artist series on June 10th.  The summer artist series runs from June 10 through August 30, 2013.  The series features twelve Oglala Lakota artists at OLC’s Historical Center:

June 10-14                   Martin Red Bear, Acrylic & Watercolor

June 17-21                   Edward Two Eagles, Acrylic on Canvas

June 24-28                   Molina Schweigman-Parker, Beadwork

July 1-5                       Luke Dubray, Bead & Quillwork

July 8-12                     Eileen Apple, Beadwork

July 15-20                   Richard Red Owl, Acrylic on Canvas

July 22-26                   Joey Blue Legs, Beadwork & Mixed Media

July 29-August 2         Cindy Richards, Beadwork

August 5-9                  Naomi Edwards, Beadwork & Quilt Making

August 12-16              Louis Shaw, Quillwork

August 19-23              Roy Helper, Pencil Drawings

August 26-30              Darrell Janis, Bead & Leatherwork


Spring 2013 Calendar (April/May/June): 

June 21-23       Wacipi & Graduation

June 21                        Last Day for Support Staff (24 PP)



Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce:  Fundraiser Auction.  Friday, June 28, 2013.  Native American Art & Antiques, Building/Office Supplies, Livestock, and other items.  More items will be added by sale date.  Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce fundraiser.  Social hour 4:30-5:30.  Sale starts at 5:30pm.  Art will sell at 6:30pm.  Concessions: Buffalo burgers and buffalo chili.  Note:  This will be a nice Auction and will not take a lot of time.  The artwork is exceptional and will make a great addition to your collection or inventory.  Terms:  Cash or personal check accompanied by photo I.D.  Credit cards by pay pal only Not responsiblefor accidents.  Contact:  PRACC, 455-2685, pracc@gwtc.net.  Sale conducted by Martin Lifestock Auction Inc. 


Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce:  Poker Run <> Saturday July 6, 2013. All funds Raised will be used to operate the PRACC Visitor Center in Kyle, SD. First Place Prize is a gift certificate for two people, redeemable at the Prairie Wind Casino. A one night stay at the hotel, two breakfasts, two dinners, and two $20 free play. Total package value is $185.00 Stops: Big Bat’s, Batesland Handi Stop & Kyle Grocery. Join anywhere along the route, we will arrive at PRACC by 3:00pm. Free lunch at the end for participants First 30 entries receive a free T-shirt. Fundraiser Poker Run Open to all Motorcycles.  $25 per Poker Hand.  The Ride will start at Prairie Wind Casino and end at the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce. Registration opens at 10:00am Ride starts at 11:00am 

Not responsible for accidents or thefts.


First Peoples Fund.  2014 Community Spirit Awards Call for Nominations

July 15, 2013 - Deadline Extended!!  The Community Spirit Awards is a national fellowship award for American Indian, Alaska Native or Native Hawaiian artists. First Peoples Fund chooses honorees for their commitment to sustaining the cultural values of native people. The process of bringing spirit back to community is an important responsibility for artists - it is part of a sacred honor system. First Peoples Fund works to strengthen that honor system by recognizing these exceptional artists for knowing themselves, honoring others, and sustaining spirit in their own communities.   Nominees must be:  Practicing artists of demonstrated maturity in their field; Continually practicing artists for a minimum of 10 years; Documented affiliate of a United States tribe. (Alaska Native or Native Hawaiian included!).  Note: In addition to Visual Arts, First Peoples recognizes contemporary and traditional forms of Performing Arts and Literary Arts.   Nomination Procedure:  Nominate online at First Peoples Fund or send a postcard to include complete names and addresses of both nominee and nominator to PO Box 2977, Rapid City, SD 57709.  Nominated candidates must be from an American Indian community.  Applications will be mailed out after nomination deadline has passed. DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS IS July 15th, 2013.  Selection Process and Expectations:  A national selection committee will review nominees and select awardees from those that meet the outlined qualifications.  Fellowship recipients will receive $5,000 designed to give them the opportunity to "practice their art." 

2014 Cultural Capital Grant Call for Applications.  September 1, 2013 Deadline!  The 2014 Cultural Capital Program provides tradition bearers of tribal communities the opportunity to further their important cultural work. The program is designed to support previous year Community Spirit Award recipients allowing them to commit more time in teaching and sharing their ancestral knowledge and practices with others who want to learn. The grant program will aid artists in develop local networks for leveraging other resources and will provide technical assistance and capacity building support as needed by the master artist/teacher. First Peoples Fund is interested in Cultural Capital projects that will Impact the next generation through reciprocity and community spirit. Examples of this are:  Passing on knowledge - as mentors and leaders; Documentation for the next seven generations to access this knowledge; Artists as Cultural Resource.  Eligibility Requirements: NEW!  Artist may be a past FPF Community Spirit Award recipient, a Community Spirit Award nominee finalist, or a member of a Northern Great Plains tribe located in South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Western Dakota of Minnesota, Nebraska, the Eastern Plateau region of Idaho, Oregon and Washington, a tribe from the Great Lakes Region of Minnesota, Michigan, or Wisconsin, a tribe belonging to the U.S. Eastern Seaboard states, Oklahoma, Native Hawaiian or Alaska Native. Affiliated Canadian First Nations artist applicants are eligible; Artist may also be invited by FPF or nominated by a Community Spirit Award recipient. Grant amount: $5,000.  For more information please visit our website at www.firstpeoplesfund.org.  Phone: (605)348-0324.  Email at miranne@firstpeoplesfund.org.

2014 Artist in business Leadership Call for Applications.  September 1, 2013 Deadline!  The 2014 Artist in Business Leadership Program is an independent business arts fellowship program that features a working capital grant of $5,000 to be used to support a one year marketing plan/strategy or business goal as defined by the artist applicant.  Artists will receive technical assistance, a professional network of peers, as well as travel funds to participate in FPF’s individualized professional development workshops.  The fellowship also provides a focus on new works to stimulate creativity and a renewal of energy in Native art expression.  Eligibility Requirements:  NEW!  Artist applicants must be in mid career (5+ years) in their experience in marketing their art at Indian art markets, galleries, and have wholesale experience.  <>  Artist will have chosen art as a means to obtain economic self-sufficiency for their family and to establish themselves as independent, credible artist with viable community based businesses.  <>  Be a member of a Northern Great Plans tribe located in SD, ND, MT, WY, Western Dakota of MN, NE, the Easter Plateau region of ID, OR and WA, a tribe from the Great Lakes Region of MN, MI, or WI, a tribe belonging to the U.S. Eastern Seaboard states, OK, Natïve Hawaiian or Alaska Native.  Affiliated Canadian First Nations Artists applicants are eligible.  <>  Must demonstrate a strong vision and articulated plan for implementing effective market strategies over the one-year fellowship period and will effectively use this opportunity to explore New Works and demonstrate marketing initiative effectively.