Oglala Lakota College Wicah’pi Cikala

(Little Star)

Rebuilding the Lakota Nation through Education


Weekly Bulletin                                   December 9-13, 2013


President’s Office (Tom Shortbull)___ Due to the weather forecasts for extremely cold temperatures All Staff has been postpone until Friday, December 13.  We will have a short All Staff starting at 10:00 a.m. on Friday with a short update on the College and wishing everyone the best of the Holiday season.  We will no longer give out the bonus checks at the December All Staff.  Instead, we will only give out the candy bags with an attached Christmas card right after the All Staff meeting.  The bonuses will be direct deposited if you have direct deposit and for those you who get paper checks can pick them up in the Business Office.  The bonus amount is the same as last year.  Please don’t forget your favorite side dish or dessert for the All Staff.  Have a good week.  <><><>   Christmas and New Year’s schedule.  There will be work on December 23rd and December 30th.  I know that you may want to take annual leave on these days, but you can only take leave if your office is being manned on these two days.  There has to be at least one person in each office for these two days before annual leave can be approved.  OLC policy allows employees to have the following days off this year during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays: December 24, 25, & 26 for the Christmas holidays, and for New Year’s:  Tuesday, December 31st and, Wednesday, January 1st.  Also, as I have done in the past, I am recommending that employees have another day off during the Christmas and New Year’s period.  For this Christmas and New Year’s period, I am that the employees have one additional day off on Friday December 27th.  

OLC Family___A belated happy birthday to President Shortbull who turned (??) on December 4th.   The more candles, the bigger the wish. 


Humanities (Kimberly He Crow)___OLC Theater & Drama Class.  The Oglala Lakota College’s Theater and Drama 313 class will be presenting original performance pieces for their end of the semester community sharing.  The event will take place on Wednesday, December 10th, 2013 at 6:00 pm, at the College Center in Pine Ridge, SD.  Members of the class developed an assemblage of their own performance-art pieces throughout the semester.  The performances contain minimal dialogue and combine the use of artistic expression and physical movement with music.  Performance pieces address the challenges of reservation life but also celebrate the creative spirit that comes from Wolakota.  The event will also include a dramatic poetry presentation scripted by the entire class. Held weekly at the Pine Ridge College Center, the project is facilitated by OLC faculty member, Sheila A. Rocha.  Lakota scholars wrote, directed, produced as well as developed sound and lighting designs for their vignettes.  Students also strategized marketing and public relations for the event.  Refreshments will be provided.   For more info contact:  Amberose Montileaux or Amber Cutgrass  (605) 545-6284, Pine Ridge College Center (605) 867-5893.


 Activities Committee (Theresa Lone Hill)___ Update from Wanda.  Since the All Staff  meeting has been moved to December 13 you still have time to bring a gift for the Immersion School children (if you haven’t already).  To those of you that DID bring a gift in THANK YOU SO MUCH. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift. When you are a child just being able to open gifts is half the fun.  It is not the price tag that counts…..it is the thought.  We will be delivering the gifts to the children next week on Thursday. Since this IS payday week, those of you that did not get a chance to bring a small gift, you still have time. Thank you to those of you that DID come in to help wrap the gifts for the Immersion School children and to help decorate.  To those of you on the Activities Committee that did NOT get a chance to help out today…..you have another chance……Since All Staff is postponed until next Friday, Dec 13, we will be making the candy bags Wednesday, December 11 at 1:00.


Woksape Tipi/Library (Michelle May)___……check it out ……so cool. 

http://www.edweek.org/ew/projects/2013/native-american-education/  ….on Ho Kiwitapi you will find a link to this issue of INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY…inside you will find such interesting stories…..check it out today….open access……


Editor___Exciting item of interest!  John Johnson’s book “Every Night & Every Morn:…” is on the shelf at the main bookstore at the Pentagon in DC.  Not only that, two of Gen. Colin Powell’s books are on the shelves below Johns.  Congratulations John!  I actually have the photo of proof. 


Math, Science & Tech (Jason Tinant)___Announcements from Misty Brave!  Past events:   November  25-26 Little Shop of Physics visited at Crazy Horse School & Batesland,  Upcoming Events: Math & Sci Interns will travel to  Ft. Collins December 14-15  for our annual Make and Take with Little Shop of Physics. They provide motel rooms and all the supplies to replicate some of their projects that we take to the schools. It is a true partnership as we supply travel and meals for the students.  <><>  December 19 Math and Science along with SEMAA will present Outreach Activities @ the Shannon County’s LNI workshop.  <><>  December 20 Math and Science along with SEMAA will present our Science Exploratorium LaCroix Hall D Rushmore Plaza Civic Center 10-5. Come and join us for a day of science activities for the family.  <><>  December 21 Math and Science along with SEMAA will present Outreach Activities for OST EPA Tech Conference.    <><><>   Announcements from Michelle Salvatore!   American Horse School Students grades 6-8th visited the AEL lab at Oglala Lakota College Math and Science building on November 18 to experience our interactive aeronautics laboratory technology.  The students learned about careers in aviation, recorded weather with a live meteorological weather stations, became air-traffic controllers and listened to real time pilots communicating with their control towers, they learned about the history of flight and how to design airplanes, they did airfoil experiments in the wind tunnel to test airplane wing designs, the students planned a trip researching airfare, hotel and car rentals on the internet, they also did remote sensing, GIS/GPS activities and finally each student had their turn to be a pilot and fly with our upgraded X-plane flight simulator.  The students had fun and learned how to read an instrument panel taking turns taking off, flying and then landing the aircraft.  American Horse School has been NASA-SEMAA supporters for a number of years now thanks to the efforts of Jodi Richards the middle school principal.  NASA-SEMAA partners with 21st Century after school program to bring the 7 week curriculum to 4-8th graders for the fall/winter session.   Aerospace Education Laboratory (AEL) is equipped with 10 interactive workstations.  It is an electronically enhanced, computerized classroom that puts cutting edge technology at the fingertips of NASA SEMAA middle and high school aged students.  Wind tunnel, Foil Design, aircraft design, GPS/GIS/Remote Sensing, WWW research, Aeronautics interactive, Flight simulator, Flight planning, Aviation careers.  <><>  Other outreach resources free of charge to educators and students are robotics, portable star lab with Lakota star knowledge, OLC Astronomy Club and Little Shop of Physics hands on science  activities and STEM outreach.  <><>  Another program we offer is American Honda Foundation Woniya Sa (Red Breath).  This program integrates known indigenous knowledge with western STEM concepts and challenges mainstream science.  AHF W.S. programs invite elders, local historians and spiritual leaders from the community to come and pass on their knowledge to the youth and the future generations.  Upcoming events:  13 moons on Turtles back and the phases of the moon; The power of the Sun and the significance of the sun in Lakota culture. 


Headstart (Michelle Yankton) ___Are you currently a OLC HS/EHS sub? Or would you like to be an OLC HS/EHS sub? Receive your food handler’s card or certificate at www.ihs.gov/foodhandlers.  If you have any questions please call the HS/EHS Administration Office at 605-455-6114 and ask for Juanita Kalama White Elk


Lakota Studies (Karen Lone Hill)___Lakota Language Contest:  OLC’s Lakota Woglaka Wounspe won the school trophy for receiving three 1st places in the competitions.  Congratulations!  Eleven of the Lakota Woglaka Wounspe students entered the contest and five placed in the K-3 & 4-8 grade competitions.   Listed are the winners of the categories—K-3, 4-8, 9-12, College & Community.  Boys K-3: Owen Clifford (Lakota Woglaka)—1st, Adriano Rama (Red Cloud)—2nd, Chance Stands(Wounded Knee)—3rd.  Girls K-3: Lena Nicolaysen (Lakota Woglaka)—1st, Destina Patton (Wounded Knee)—Tie 2nd, Timarie Looks Twice (Wounded Knee)—Tie 2nd, Miracle Brown Bull (Little Wound)—Tie 2nd, Leela White (Lakota Woglaka)—3rd.  Boys 4-8: Trenton Old Horse (Little Wound)—1st, Tristian Terkildsen (Crazy Horse)—Tie 2nd, Ethan Bad Hand(Crazy Horse)—Tie 2nd, Jacob White Face(Lakota Woglaka)—Tie 3rd,    Girls 4-8: Ohiyesa Win White Plume (Lakota Woglaka)—1st, Taylani Jackson (Rockyford)—2nd, Wohpe Bull Bear (Little Wound)—Tie 3rd, Stephanie Janis (Little Wound)—3rd.  Boys 9-12: Colton Sierra (Red Cloud)—1st, Caine Ghost Bear(Red Cloud)—2nd, Maurice Broken Nose (Pine Ridge)—3rd.  Girls 9-12: Savannah Jensen (Red Cloud)—1st.  Tamera Rooks (Crazy Horse)—2nd, Amber Lamont (Crazy Horse)—3rd.  College: Men: Alex Fire Thunder Lobe—1st. Women: Dusty Nelson—1st.   Community:  Men: Percy White Plume—1st, Wade Broken Nose—2nd, Solomon Red Bear—3rd.  Women: Philomine Lakota—1st, Maxine Broken Nose—Tie 2nd, Sandra Old Horse—Tie 2nd, Carmel Old Horse—3rd.   The community members had so many minutes to present in Lakota on a subject “picked from the hat.”  


Athletics (Mary Tobacco)___Athletics is looking for two students who are interested in keeping stats for men's and women's basketball.  OLC Youth Sports is working with Red Cloud, Doug Noyes, and area schools to build soccer into the 12th grade in an effort to increase physical activity and expand youth sports throughout the Pine Ridge Reservation. All college students interested in participating in the college division at Teca Wacipi Okolakiciye for a chance at a scholarship, the schedule is: December 18 (Little Wound at Civic Center--tentative) January 17 (Crazy Horse) March 7 (St. Francis) May 2 (FINALS) SCSD at Batesland (w/Rockyford, Wolf Creek, and RedShirt).  


December 4    Presentation (NCAAIII)       Women—5:30pm    Men—7:30pm          Home

December 7    Rocky Mountain (NAIA)     Women—2:00pm    Men—4:00pm          Home

December 14-15  Mayville (NAIA)              TBA                          TBA                          Mayville, ND

December 17  Mt. Marty (NAIA)                                                  Men—5:00pm          Yankton, SD

December 21  Ft. Berthold (TCU)               Women—12:00pm  Men—2:00pm           Rapid City, SD


KOLC TV (Tony Brave)___ Anpetu Waste Lakota Oyate.  This week starts with the Lakota speech contest held at O.L.C.'s Piya Wiconi campus. The O.S.T. council meeting at Kyle and the first part of their meeting at Wounded Knee District School will close out the night. No new sports this week as this is opening week of high school basketball.

  7:12 am Lakota Speech Contest

  9:54 am O.S.T. Council Meeting in Kyle

12:31 Pm Math 134

  1:39 Pm Black Hills Powwow 2013, Friday Afternoon Contest part 1

  3:46 Pm Black Hills Powwow 2013, Friday Afternoon Contest part 2

  5:51 Pm Lakota Speech Contest

  8:34 Pm O.S.T. Council Meeting in Kyle

11:10 Pm O.S.T. Council Meeting in Manderson

  1:02 am Wild Horses

  2:22 am Wild Horses

  3:42 am Wild Horses

  5:03 am Wild Horses

Stay Warm Lakota Oyate.  Wopila Tanka, KOLC-TV Staff


December  2013 Calendar

November 11, 2013 -- January 10, 2014.  Registration for Spring Semester. Current OLC students can visit their counselor to see what classes they can register for. New students will need to bring a copy of their high school transcripts and degree of Indian blood.

December 6                                                Classes end

December 9-13                              Make-up Week

December 13                                 Final Grades Due

December 16-January 2             Department Chairs/Faulty Christmas Vacation

December 24-25                           Support Staff Christmas Vacation



Lakota Nation Education Conference.  December 18-21, 2013.  Ramkota Inn & Hilton Garden Inn, Rapid City, SD.  This year’s conference consists of many different issues pertaining to education including Health, Parent Training, Grant Information, Gang Awareness, Bullying, Federal Policies, Classroom Topics, Special Education and more.  For more info call: 605-288-1921 or terriejo.gibbons@k12.sd.us or Jackie.roth@k12.sd.us.  All info can be found at: www.shannon.ws click on Supportive Services.  CEUs available from DOE. Graduate and undergraduate credit available from Oglala Lakota College—contact: Diane Cournoyer @ 605-455-6000. 


Lakota Nation Invitational.  December 18-21, 2013.  Competitions include:  Basketball, wrestling, cheerleading, archery, knowledge bowl, language bowl, business plan, art show, handgames and volleyball.  Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City, SD. 


16th Diabetes Prevention Conference.  January 12-15, 2014.  Hilton Phoenix/Mesa.  Phoenix, AZ.  CALL FOR PROPOSALS.  Deadline: October 25, 2013.  This conference is dedicated to sharing best practices, research, and innovative programs throughout Indian Country with a focus on diabetes prevention programs, diabetes prevention research, and wellness for diabetes prevention and self-management.  Contact: American Indian Institute, Norman, OK, Chelsea Wesner, Chelsea-wesner@ou.edu.  405-308-2409. 

5TH Annual American Indian Studies Association Conference: February 6 - 7, 2014 — Tempe, AZ   The CONFERENCE THEME: Activism: Continuity, Resistance, Obligation Activism, viewed broadly, has its roots and motivations in maintaining, protecting, revitalizing, and strengthening American Indian nations, cultures, languages, knowledge, sovereignty, lands and spaces.  American Indian nations and peoples continue to engage in diverse arenas of activism and to develop tactics that seek to protect Indigenous ways of being.  While the idea or ideal of activism conjures positive and negative images of political movements and protests, many other actions constitute acts of activism.  Today, many of the challenges of the past remain, yet new, unexpected threats to American Indian survival have emerged. This year’s conference looks to explore and broaden discussions about the reasons, motivations, and debates that move different people, organizations, nations and/or communities to challenge and resist various systems of oppression.  What new challenges do American Indian people face in the 21st century?  How are indigenous peoples generating new paradigms of action as well as maintaining cultural integrity and responsibilities?  Why have the debates about activism among scholars, activists, and communities created contention, and what is at stake in what is contested? http://americanindian.clas.asu.edu/events.

ATTENTION Undergraduates!  The Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels (C2B2) is now seeking applications for the 2014 Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates Program (C2B2/NSF REU)!  Completed applications must be received as of February 16, 2014 at 11:59pm.  Apply now to spend your summer researching renewable fuels, chemicals, and products in Colorado.  Please see the C2B2/NSF REU Brochure for details and visit www.C2B2web.org for application requirements.

·         Students from all majors are eligible to apply! Applicants should be interested in researching bioenergy.

·         Applications from underrepresented students are strongly encouraged.

·         U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and international students are eligible to receive funding.

·         Undergraduate applicants must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program at the time of participation.

Questions? E-mail C2B2@colorado.edu or call 303-492-7736.  View the C2B2/NSF REU Program website online.  Audrey S. Fisher, Center Administrator, Colorado Center for Biorefining & Biofuels (C2B2)

303-492-7736, C2B2@colorado.edu, www.c2b2web.org.