oglala Lakota College
Wicah’pi Cikala

(Little Star)


Weekly Bulletin                                             June 1-June 5, 2015


President’s Office (Tom Shortbull)___June BOT meetings.  Program Policy, Tuesday, June 9 @ Noon at PRCC.  Personnel, June 9 @ 4:00pm at Piya Wiconi.  Finance, Wednesday, June 10 @ Noon at Piya Wiconi.  BOT, June 11 @ 5:00pm at Piya Wiconi. 


Editor___A good time was held by all at The Honoring of the Preservers of the Language (Lakoliyapi Ki Glus Unpi) held on May 28, 2015.  242 names were listed in the program as individuals who were 70 years and older and fluent Lakota speakers – and, more names continued to come in once the names were posted in the local newspapers.  Seeing the smiles on the faces of those individuals who were being honored and the teasing and laughing that took place among them was priceless. There was a glitche in the loud speaker system because of the lightning but the event continued on.  Although it was difficult to hear the speakers – Joe American Horse and Mel Lone Hill (OLC Council of Elders members) – it was an honor to have them be a part of the event.  Thank you to Mary Ann Red Cloud (Council of Elders member) who suggested honoring the elderly fluent Lakota speakers for their role in preserving the language, and to President Shortbull who took it from there and made it happen. Thank you to the Center staff for their research and for compiling the lists from each district.  Thank you to Diane Clifford for making sure plaques and checks were ready for distribution prior to the event and at the event.  And of course to the Business Office for rushing the checks through. Thank you Janice Richards for your warm Lakota greeting and the reading of the names.  Thank you President Shortbull and board members Newton Cummings, Dennis Brewer and Pete Red Willow for standing for hours greeting and shaking the hand of each individual and having their photos taken with each.  We were pleased to have the Porcupine Singers present the Honoring Song.  Thank you Thedna Zimiga and Albert Two Bears for greeting everyone at the door with a program and a smile.  OMG the three soups were delicious – taniga, papa and beef – thanks to Ronnie Ferguson.  There was actually enough for watecha.  And as always the fry bread was top of the line – Mona Brewer’s, of course.  The wojapi and drinks were prepared by the activities members present.  Wopila to the members of the Activities Committee who were super, outstanding, terrific – making sure everything was prepared for the food line, setting it all up, serving the elders, and then cleaning after.  Thank you to the Maintenance crew who had to hustle up enough tables and chairs to seat 400 people and set up and take down – and it was a full house!  The heartwarming comments from those who were honored and their families made everything worthwhile. So many people expressed their appreciation for the event.  I apologize if I missed anyone who helped make the event a success. Of course we appreciate all the family members who made sure the honorees made it to the event.  A DVD of all photos taken will be placed in each of the centers mail boxes and one to Woksape Tipi for the archives. 


Athletics (Mary Tobacco)___The OLC Multipurpose Gym will be open June 1-19, 2015 (Monday -Thursday), 10am – 12pm and 4pm – 6pm. Thank you and have a great summer! 455-2985 (o), 454-5632 (cell). 


Woksapi Tipi (Michelle May)___Oglala Lakota (Shannon) County School Board Election Forum at Woksape Tipi Academic/Public Library & Archive. Wednesday, June 3, 2015, 1:00pm to 3:30pm.  Nine candidates are running for two positions. Certified Candidates are Jacqueline Randall, Garfield Steele, Richard Zephier, Ron Popcorn Pond, Angie Eagle Bull (incumbent), Todd O’Bryan (incumbent), Mona Vocu, Sam O’Rourke and Greg Ross.  This event will be moderated by Tom Casey and broadcast live on KILI radio and recorded for broadcast by KOLC via live streaming and Golden West Cable Access. Questions call 455-6069


Enrollment Management (Dr. Adetokumbo Oredein)___The Jump Start program is designed to enhance the college experience for entering freshmen by creating a living learning environment and to provide additional resources and experiences which can ease the transition into college life.  Jump Start students will participate in the Summer Bridge program where you will earn 3 college credit hours, an in-depth orientation to OLC, our staff and resources, and a lending library for text books and laptop computers. Peer mentors will be available to assist with any challenges you may face and to assist in any possible way so that you may have a positive experience while furthering your education. Your Jump Start Advisor will be available to help you have a successful college career!  There is no charge for joining the Jump Start Program just a commitment to your education. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Staci Eagle Elk, Retention Advisor either by phone, 605.455.6148 or email seagleelk@olc.edu to complete an application and become a Jump Start student!


Voc Ed (David White Bull)___ National Career Readiness Certificate.  The ACT National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is a credential that demonstrates achievement and a certain level of workplace employability skill in  *Applied Mathematics *Locating Information *Reading for Information.  WorkKeys assessments measure “real world” skills that employers are looking for in order to have job success.  Test questions are based on situations in the everyday world.  ACT NCRC is a valuable credential for students whether they plan to go directly to work after high school or pursue postsecondary paths.  Earning the ACT NCRC helps anyone with their career decisions, especially by giving them an understanding of what skills they need.  Contact:  Shyla White Lance 605-455-6090 or Gloria Eastman 605-899-9940 for information on how to get your FREE certificate.    <><><>  Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA).  Classroom work: Wednesday, May 20-Friday, May 29, 2015, 8:30am—5:00pm at the Pejuta Haka CC.  Friday May 29 – Sunday  June 7, 2015, 8:30 p.m.—5:00p.m. at the He Sapa CC.   Additional 16 hr. Clinical Times to be announced for both.  You must attend the first day to be enrolled or call Shyla White Lance to sign up and for more information at 605-455-6090 or email swhitelance@olc.edu.    OLC & SD Allied Health Training Consortium. 


Activities Committee (Theresa Lone Hill, Chair)___You still have time to sponsor a dance category to support the graduation wacipi.  This is a wonderful way to honor or to memorialize a loved one. Support your Graduates, Dancers, Children…. Graduation weekend is a fun time for all!!  The poster, pen included, is outside the Piya Wiconi Conference Rm.  Wopila to those that have already signed up to help support the Pow-Wow ! Categories:  Women’s Golden Age, Women’s Traditional, Women’s Jingle, Women’s Fancy, Teen Girl’s Traditional, Teen Girl’s Jingle, Teen Girl’s Fancy, Jr. Girl’s Traditional, Jr. Girl’s Jingle,  Jr. Girl’s Fancy.  Men’s Golden Age, Men’s Traditional, Men’s Grass, Men’s Fancy, Teen Boy’s Traditional, Teen Boys Grass, Teen Boys Fancy, Jr. Boy’s Traditional, Jr. Boy’s Grass, Jr. Boy’s Fancy.  Tiny Tots.  Total gifted so far $2,075, and that is ONLY from 13 individuals—If 13 more gave the same…..it ADDS up FAST. And you don’t have to be an employee of OLC to give, so you can let your family and friends know too! Wopila, Wanda Reddy, Secretary, 455-6042 or wreddy@olc.edu.  Call or email me and I will let you know which categories are still open for sponsorship.  Thank you!!


Ag Extension (Leslie Henry)__ Multiple Positions opening soon Student Interns and Recent Graduates.  USDA, South Dakota Rural Development.  Apply at www.usajobs.gov. (search South Dakota).  Part-time and full-time positions will be available for assessing credit risk and understanding and employing good lending principles in the following loan & grant program areas: Community Programs, Business Programs, Single Family & Multi-Family Housing.  Relevant Majors include Accounting, Agriculture Economics, Banking & Credit, Business Administration, Finance, Economics, Community and Regional Planning and similar areas of study. Most positions will be for appointments until September 30, 2015, with possible consideration for any full-time permanent positions available at that time. For a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to the Pathways Programs, please visit https://help.usajobs.gov/index.php/Pathways_FAQs for information regarding the available positions and the USDA Pathways Programs, please contact Kay Daugherty, South Dakota-Administrative Officer, Kay.Daugherty@sd.usda.gov or 605-352-1105. USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer


KOLC TV (Tony Brave)___ Here is what we will be showing on KOLC-TV, Oglala Lakota College Television for the week of 6/1/15 to 6/5/15 -- Shields King.

7:11 a.m. - Dom's Birthday Bull Bash Rodeo Held at 3 Mile Creek

10:09 a.m. - Quilt Preservation and Documentation Presentation @ Woksape Tipi Library, OLC Piya Wiconi Campus

11:26 a.m. - Youth Stock Concert Held at Pine Ridge Pow Wow Grounds

12:58 p.m. - LNI 2014 Boys Basketball Championship

2:57 p.m. - AIHEC 2014 Pow Wow

6:26 p.m. - Dom's Birthday Bull Bash Rodeo Held at 3 Mile Creek

9:24 p.m. - Quilt Preservation and Documentation Presentation @ Woksape Tipi Library, OLC Piya Wiconi Campus

10:40 p.m. - Youth Stock Concert Held at Pine Ridge Pow Wow Grounds

12:13 p.m. - LNI 2014 Boys Basketball Championship

2:12 a.m. - AIHEC 2014 Pow Wow


Spring 2015 Calendar

June 10       Graduates Day

June 19-21            Graduation Wacipi

June 21       Graduation Day

June 19       Last Day for Support Staff (24 pay periods)


Other Announcements


2015 Festival of Books.  The Festival of Books is scheduled for September 24-27 in Rapid City and Deadwood, SD.  The Exhibitors Hall located in the Event Center at the Deadwood Mountain Grand – Holiday Inn Resort will be the site of book sales, book signings, concessions and special events.  Questions!  Contact Jennifer Widman by e-mail, jennifer@sdhumanities.org, or phone, 605-688-5715. More info to follow at a later date.